About us
Datantify has already a one year, and at the beginning, it was created as a private service which was an answer for not satisfying solutions in the industry. We aimed to get as many foreign companies from the entire world as we can to reach every possible customer.
The verified and up-to-date contact data was the highest priority for us, that’s why you can expect the most actual databases from all the competition. Now, the time has come to share our services with the entire world and finally satisfy people who need to gather valuable data about the companies in various industries.
After a year we are happy to announce our automatic SaaS tool which allows everyone to buy and download B2B databases with actual phone numbers and email lists from the specific industries. Our data is known from its high quality and thanks to that at the start we already have over 250 customers from the command.
Go and check the quality of our data on your own since we offer 50 free credits monthly to every registered user. You will notice how much effort we have put to satisfy you and others needs and how easy now you can outreach people from the various industries across the entire world! For sure you will want to stay with us a little bit longer than you expect.
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