Top 19 shoe manufacaturers in th world for 2019

The growing footwear sector has been dominating the global market for a few decades now. We have all witnessed specific changes in consumer demand – we have become pickier and more fashion-conscious than ever. We all want shoes that are of good quality, stylish and affordable. We want diversity and comfort. And on top of that, many of us use shoes as a form of self-expression, we often go after shoes that match our personality. It is hard to believe, but the shoes that you choose to wear can communicate so many different things: your status, fashion sense, even your current mood. We are becoming more and more aware of that globally. We want our shoes to have it all, and it is the shoes brands’ most important job to meet all these expectations.

Top 19 Jeans manufacturers in the world by 2019/2020

Jeans are everywhere. They are a part of everyday life regardless of where you are in the world. These pants marked the culture of the last 140 years. They were initially made as working clothes and later become a fashion item and the symbol of freedom. Now they are world-famous for being classic, affordable and hard-wearing. Top quality products have to combine timeless design, functionality and solid fabric. Jeans look good combined with nearly any color, and they even look fine in an all-denim look. Another reason why many favor jeans over other types of trousers are because they look good no matter worn or new, and are super easy-to-maintain – they don’t have to be washed often or ironed at all!

Top gun manufacturers in the world by 2019/2020

Do you need a gun? Or you want to invest in the gun producer? Maybe you just want to feed your need for knowledge about history in the industry? You are in the right place now. In this article, we cover the most important information about gun history and firearms industry. Let’s take a look at all of this knowledge we gathered and put together for you.

Google All Product List – Failed, Dead & Active 2019

One of the most revolutionary companies in our world. Gamechanger and scientist in one firm. Even with those titles, it cannot avoid flops and spectacular failures. Ladies and gentlemen: Google and it’s tools – failed, dead and active is our topic in this article. Let’s begin and check out what worked and what not.

Manufacturing Industry 2019/2020: Trends, opportunities and niches

Every market field and industry has its own trends. These trends are changing by various factors like fashion, customer needs and more. And the manufacturing industry isn’t different here. In this article, we will describe the newest ones, that are also the most popular now. Let’s check them out to satisfy your self-education need.

[May 2019]Company rankings in China by Revenue, Employees and more

The most populous country in the world, member of the World Trade Organisation and the second largest economy by nominal GDP (just after the US) in the global perspective – China. The presented country is also a leading world producer of agricultural goods and it is known by its developed automotive and steel industry. Some factors affect this excellent position – from legal conditions to consumers decisions. But what would be the country economy without enterprises which offer a wide range of products and services? Due to fast-growing companies in China, the country can improve export sales and strengthen its position in the global market. No matter what place you come from, you might have heard about Samsung, Toyota or Shell, but did you know these entities are the best thriving companies in China? Naturally, there are much more popular and large companies in China – now it is time to take a closer look at them.

Best Startup Pitch & Example in 2019 [Sales Knowledge]

Earlier we covered the topic of a sales pitch, explaining what it is, how its work and gave some examples of great pitches. In this article we are also covering pitch, but slightly different. Startup pitch or investment pitch is on the first page today. In the paragraphs below, you will find the basic information about them and also some examples, like in the earlier article. Are you ready?

Wholesales industry 2019/2020: Trends, Opportunity, Niche

Even if we are now in a half of 2019 it is still to take a look at trends, opportunities and rising niches in distribution and wholesalers industry. In this article we will cover the latest of them, so you can be sure that nothing here is outdated and unuseful. Let’s take a look at this knowledge!

Best Sales Pitch & Example in 2019 [Sales Knowledge]

Sales process would be much easier if there is an ultimate formula on how to persuade your potential customer to buy a product or service. But because our world is filled with diversity (which is great, I mean – if everyone was the same the world would be boring, right?) we can’t have a formula which will work with everyone. If you want to achieve the success you have to be prepared for everything, to embrace your customers and their needs. And that’s why there is something called sales pitch. In this article, we will show you what it is, how it works and we will present you the great examples of it.

Top 35 Incredibly Successful Salespeople of All Time

Everyone wants to know how to be a great salesman, but the answer is not simple. But we can give you some hints on how to be one. That’s why we want to describe the most notable salespeople, that made a difference and left their mark on the history cards. These people down there are the iconic characters of sales and marketing. They were innovative, ahead of their times, visionaries who weren’t afraid of exploring new horizons. Today we present you the best salespeople of all time, who changed not only the world of marketing but the world overall.