Best Sales Pitch & Example in 2019 [Sales Knowledge]

Sales process would be much easier if there is an ultimate formula on how to persuade your potential customer to buy a product or service. But because our world is filled with diversity (which is great, I mean – if everyone was the same the world would be boring, right?) we can’t have a formula which will work with everyone. If you want to achieve the success you have to be prepared for everything, to embrace your customers and their needs. And that’s why there is something called sales pitch. In this article, we will show you what it is, how it works and we will present you the great examples of it.

Top 35 Incredibly Successful Salespeople of All Time

Everyone wants to know how to be a great salesman, but the answer is not simple. But we can give you some hints on how to be one. That’s why we want to describe the most notable salespeople, that made a difference and left their mark on the history cards. These people down there are the iconic characters of sales and marketing. They were innovative, ahead of their times, visionaries who weren’t afraid of exploring new horizons. Today we present you the best salespeople of all time, who changed not only the world of marketing but the world overall.

Best TED Talks For Salespeople in 2019 [Sales Knowledge]

Technology, Entertainment, and Design – these three words combined perfectly describe what TED’s are. And TED is also an abbreviation of these terms. Nowadays nearly everyone heard about these conferences because they always cover a huge variety of topics that are worth promoting – which is also a motto of these meetings. In this article, we will cover what TED’s are, but also show to you which TED presentations that are “must watch” for every salesperson today. Let’s bring it on!

[April 2019] Company Rankings in United Kingdom by Size, Revenue, Employees and More

The United Kingdom is the third-largest national economy in Europe by nominal gross domestic product (just after Germany and Russia). The most developed area is a service sector, which contributes about 80% of GDP. The UK is perceived as a good place for company registering. There are some options to choose, depending on the liability and financial capacities and the whole process is easy to go through. There is no wonder that we can point so many entities who run up a business in the United Kingdom – the number of Small or Medium Enterprises was about 5.7 million in 2017. The special attention should be paid to the UK largest companies, which names are known not only in this country but all over the world. We are sure that you also have heard about them, so let’s see what businesses gain the best profit.

The best eBay alternatives by country

Thanks to the power of the Internet, today we have a lot more opportunities in almost every sphere of life. We have super fast access to a lot of information, websites, knowledge and more. It is also helping us with international trade. Internet marketplaces became a thing a long time ago, but they built their position and popularity slowly. Nowadays a lot of people can’t even imagine that they can’t order something through the internet, but we have to remember that it wasn’t always how it is now. The beginning of the popularity of internet trade services began with growing access to computers and web browsing. And because of the great development of them, we can now order everything from every place in the world. In this article, we will cover the topic of the best alternative marketplaces to eBay that you can find on the internet, especially European ones. Let’s begin!

Top business directories in India

Indian market is one of the biggest in our world. Taking sixth place on the list of biggest consumer markets, right behind the United Kingdom. For people who want to open a business in this country, these are either good and bad news. The good ones are – a huge market which creates a lot of opportunities for small businesses, innovative ideas, and solutions, that can quickly gain popularity. The bad news is – there is probably a giant competition on nearly every piece of the market. So here comes a question: how can small business gain popularity and recognition when competing with huge corporations, and how they can easily find customers and business partners?

Top business listings in South Africa

There are many ways for increasing traffic on your website, which causes to reaching new clients and multiply profits. We can optimize our page, buy space for an advertising banner or create comprehensive texts following content marketing techniques. But there is also an effective option to promote your business by online directories. These are special companies listings which are classified by the type of industry, location or size and contain necessary information about the names, contact details or products and services descriptions. Thanks to the presented specificity, your business would be easy to find by the customers or B2B partners. And for defining the topic, today we are going to scan top business directories from the southernmost country in Africa – we hope you have guessed it is about South African business directory.

Best business directories in the USA

Local businesses in the USA have a little more obstacles than businesses in other parts of the world because of the size of this country. More cities, bigger distances to make, bigger competition and more. For a small or just starting businesses, it is very hard to become recognizable and known and to grow because of this. But do not be discouraged – there are a lot of opportunities that give you a chance to become more visible for your potential customers. One of them is business directory.

Best business directories in New Zealand

Business directories have become more and more often chosen way of promoting by companies recently. No wonder – the internet is a place with a very broad spectrum of possibilities for being noticed and from that, there is not far way to reaching the customers. How it is possible? Well, listing on business directory lets you increase traffic on your website, raise awareness about your company and take a higher position in Google’s search results.