Top 11 tea brands in the world

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Green, black, white, yellow, oolong, or herbal, these are only some of the best known and appreciated varieties of tea. While black tea is the most consumed among them all and has the highest content of caffeine, green tea holds the title of the healthiest tea and is praised for offering an impressive range of various health benefits.

Top 12 handbag brands in the world

Handbags are such versatile accessories. They come in so many models and types, such as clutches, totes, cross-body bags, weekend bags, for every style and every occasion. Moreover, each season brings into fashion a particular color, new extraordinary pattern, and shape, but, among handbags naturally, are classics that never go out of style. Buying a handbag is absolutely worth the investment as it will last for long, long years. Above and beyond, they are undoubtedly one of the essentials for every modern woman as they have many jobs to do… Those accessories give an excellent opportunity to depict our personality and taste. Not only that pursues have to fit and carry all of our staff so that they can be found within our reach.

Top 10 coffee brands on the market in 2019

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, mainly due to its caffeine content which has a stimulating effect. Many studies show that coffee improves your memory, mood, alertness, mood, and energy level, just to name a few. There is no evidence of long-term health benefits of coffee consumption in humans yet, though. The drink is prepared from roasted coffee beans. Coffee plants are primarily cultivated in the equatorial regions of the world, with C. arabica and C. robusta as the two most typically grown. Dried coffee seeds (commonly referred to as “beans”) are roasted to varying degrees with each degree resulting in a distinct flavor.

With one-third of the world total coffee production, Brazil is the key player in the sector. Coffee, green and unroasted, is among the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. As coffee cultivation progresses and extends rapidly to developed countries, it raises concerns over the coffee production impact on the environment, regarding the clearing of lands and water use. All these concerns create markets for fair trade and organic coffee, which is particularly visible in the USA coffee market. In our list, we will include information about certificates as well.

Top 10 laptop brands on the market in 2019

Today, laptops have almost entirely replaced desktops due to their performance, portability, and relatively low prices. They are undoubtedly the extension of our mental abilities as they are the most essential tool in the workplace or school. The laptop market is huge, there are so many models and types. These models also come with different systems; macOS, Windows or Chrome OS. Windows is the most common, it is compatible with popular apps, laptops with Chrome are perceived as the cheapest, while Apple’s OS is considered as the most intuitive to use.

What laptop brands do people tend to choose? It definitely depends on personal preferences and needs. Some users will stick with the same brand, even throughout their entire life. Others will trade brand to brand, and yet others will use a random laptop brand they need for a job or school.

So, which brand will meet growing expectations? What are the top 10 laptop brands? Are Macbooks really worth buying? And do Dell or Acer make more durable laptops?  Are Lenovo laptops are good? Hp vs Dell? We will try to answer all of these question marks below!

Top 13 Hotel brands in 2019

We live in the age of globalization. For an average person from the more privileged parts of the world, globalization roughly means fast-growing market and more opportunities at lower prices. Thus, traveling, among many others, is becoming cheaper and accessible to more and more people from all walks of lives. We have grown to value experiences over material goods and social status. A few decades back, traveling was affordable only to the most affluent citizens. These days, people travel all across five oceans and six continents and pay considerably less for the trip. Another factor is that today more people have easy access to the internet, and the growing number of booking services makes it possible for them to arrange their package holidays. For these reasons, hotel and resort franchises should make their priority to at least keep up with the emerging needs in the hospitality industry and always be in sync with online booking platforms.

Top 15 Beauty brands in the world in 2019

The beauty game is still thriving and, as a result, there are more options for skin care than it used to be. This list includes only the prominent names in the beauty industry. Luxury and international companies… This top 15 cosmetic brands list has it all! The top beauty brands make a great range of innovative products like anti-aging creams, lotion, serums, perfume, and nail polish.

As with any product and market, like shoes or electronics just because something is more expensive or high-end does not automatically mean that the quality is better than that of the cheaper brand. Most of the best beauty brands on our list are not that costly. They have a great marketing strategy, higher standards, and unique formulas. Because of all of these factors, these brands have loyal customers and encourage transparent brand values and a significant impact on the beauty sector. Also, the leading beauty corporations have to stay up-to-date with trends and include a portfolio of products and packages made with organic ingredients. So let’s find out what is the best beauty brands based on popularity and revenue values!

Top 19 shoe manufacaturers in the world for 2019

The growing footwear sector has been dominating the global market for a few decades now. We have all witnessed specific changes in consumer demand – we have become pickier and more fashion-conscious than ever. We all want shoes that are of good quality, stylish and affordable. We want diversity and comfort. And on top of that, many of us use shoes as a form of self-expression, just like make-up or apparel we often go after shoes that match our personality. It is hard to believe, but the shoes that you choose to wear can communicate so many different things: your status, fashion sense, even your current mood. We are becoming more and more aware of that globally. We want our shoes to have it all, and it is the shoes brands’ most important job to meet all these expectations.

Top 19 Jeans manufacturers in the world by 2019/2020

Jeans are everywhere. They are a part of everyday life regardless of where you are in the world. These pants marked the culture of the last 140 years. They were initially made as working clothes and later become a fashion item and the symbol of freedom. Now they are world-famous for being classic, affordable and hard-wearing. Top quality products have to combine timeless design, functionality and solid fabric. Jeans look good combined with nearly any color, and they even look fine in an all-denim look. Another reason why many favor jeans over other types of trousers are because they look good no matter worn or new, and are super easy-to-maintain – they don’t have to be washed often or ironed at all!

Top gun manufacturers in the world by 2019/2020

Do you need a gun? Or you want to invest in the gun producer? Maybe you just want to feed your need for knowledge about history in the industry? You are in the right place now. In this article, we cover the most important information about gun history and firearms industry. Let’s take a look at all of this knowledge we gathered and put together for you.

Google All Product List – Failed, Dead & Active 2019

One of the most revolutionary companies in our world. Gamechanger and scientist in one firm. Even with those titles, it cannot avoid flops and spectacular failures. Ladies and gentlemen: Google and it’s tools – failed, dead and active is our topic in this article. Let’s begin and check out what worked and what not.