How to start a business in Japan – beginners guide

What comes to your mind when you think about Japan? Innovative solutions, artificial intelligence or creative investitions? Undoubtedly, the country is a high-tech place with good-qualified labor and one of the best infrastructures in the global perspective. Japan has a booming economy and (just after USA and China) it is on the 3rd place on […]

Guide – Starting a business in China

China – the country with the second largest economy in the world by nominal GDP (just after USA). What is more, it is also the biggest exporter of goods and is a member of international organizations and a party to agreements with many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan or South Korea. There are […]

Guide – How to start business in Germany

Starting an overseas business nowadays is so much easier and profitable than it was two, or three decades ago. There are mostly fewer papers to fill, more friendly tax systems and the rules of starting a company are more favorable to newcomers. Because of that more people decide to start new or extend existing business […]

How to start business in France

France – the country of Moliere, camembert cheese and Eiffel Tower. This is not only a good destination for touristic and educational reasons. France is an often-chosen place for opening a business there. The particular part of this country attracts global entrepreneurs according to the kind of business they want to run. For example, Paris […]

Guide – how to reach new customers easily

“Run a business!” – they said. “You will be rolling in money!” – they said. It is easy to say, but what to do to make your company thriving? The very first thing (next to proper staff, naturally) that is an essential element is a customer. Without clients, we are not able to gain profit […]