Guide – How to find products to sell on Amazon?

Electronic commerce has been gaining in importance recently. It is caused by internet development and a plenty of advantages – both for sellers who could run successful businesses, reach new market segments, do networking or build the brands, and for buyers who can do shopping without leaving their homes, avoid queues and use special online promotions. On the internet, we are able to find almost everything. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for toys for your children, office equipment or motorcycle engines – e-commerce offers a wide spread of products in different types, colors, and sizes.

Alibaba vs AliExpress – which one should you choose

There are more and more internet marketplaces, where you are able to buy and sell an array of different products – from home accessories and clothes, to access points or high tech toys. E-commerce has been developing because of many advantages – merchants have a chance to reach a new group of clients or build their brands and buyers can find hundreds of articles in special prices without even leaving their homes. Surely, in your country, there are some online shopping platforms where you could conduct a transaction. No doubt you have heard about more global marketplaces such as Rakuten, eBay, Alibaba, and AliExpress. Using of its services can lead to conquering international markets and forging commercial links with partners all over the world.

How to start selling on Newegg?💻

The online marketplace is full of different trading platforms. Lots of people order from the internet because of cheap prices, attractive offers and an array of products. It is also a popular place for sellers, who can build their brands and reach new markets – especially when they offer the sale on a worldwide scale. No matter what kind of users we are, almost everybody has heard about leaders in internet shopping services like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay or Rakuten. We are able to buy different items from the mentioned stores – clothes, motorcycles or furniture. There is also a popular marketplace called Newegg where beside goods such as fashion accessories and sporting goods, this trading platform is marked by computer systems and electrical equipment in its offer.

How to find a business partner – A step by step guide

In a life of many entrepreneurs comes a time for looking for a business partnership. There are lots of situations when we decide to start to cooperate with someone – for example, the business we run is thriving, but we feel the duties are overwhelming us and we need a support, or there is an idea of diversifying our services for a new one, but we do not know too much about it and think about someone who is specialized in this field.

How to sell on rakuten?🏣

Japan – a country of huge brands which are known all over the world. Surely, you have heard about Panasonic cameras, Yamaha motorcycles, Toyota cars or Casio watches. There is no wonder why Japan is one of the largest economic power countries. It is also a leader in electric energy producing and chemical industry. But there are not only fields Japan has gained a popularity on the cusp of years.

How to dropship from aliexpress on ebay?

Over the years e-commerce has been developing dynamically. There are more and more internet business models – you can sell the goods on your own or on behalf of brokers from electronic trading platform. As we have noticed, almost every popular producent and distributor has its own website, where we have a chance to read an offer and buy an article. Surely, each of us have heard about the most popular online shops like Aliexpress or Ebay which offer an array of products – from designer clothes and brown goods to automobiles. But do you know that these mentioned online shopping leaders use special retail fulfillment model which is called dropshipping?

A simple guide to import into the USA

The United States of America is the third-populous country in the world (just after China and India) with a population of more than 325 million people. This federal republic is also the largest economy in the world and New York is the second, right after London, worldwide finance center. Next, to highly developed investment banking, USA pays attention to armaments industry, cars production or computer industry. Almost everybody knows names of companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Johnson and Johnson or Motorola. What is more, the United States of America is the biggest food producer in the world – it grows mainly corns, wheat, soy and potatoes. The country has a good run in tourism too – in 2015 the USA was the most keenly visited country in a global perspective.

A simple guide to import from India🇮🇳

India is the seventh-largest country by its area and the second-most populous in a worldwide perspective. It is known by popular mausoleum Taj Mahal and specific Indian cuisine full of fragrant spices and herbs. India isn’t only about interesting culture, food or history – in the light of data from 2017 this country is characterized by the sixth-largest economy in the world. It has become a fast-growing area due to changes in a political system such as privatization of plenty of state-owned enterprises and state control reduction. This transition let India established itself on the international market. Import from India is an important part of the economy and in 2011 it was the nineteenth-largest exporter in the world.