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The thing which makes us the best company in this industry is the biggest database of the available companies, industries, and countries which is updated in-real-time period. Datantify has developed innovative big-data solutions which allow the user to download the data about the companies directly from their websites. Thanks to that we have the biggest and the most actual database from all the competition.
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Number of companies Datantify in its database has over 56 344 976 companies which you can reach by using our services. There are not only companies from one region - we gathered the data from across the 187 unique countries. If it comes to the number of industries, you can find in our B2B databases its 4193 at the moment, but in the future, there will be even more of them. Whenever it is Europe, Asia or Africa you can find the industries and companies in which you are interested in across all these regions and more.
79 318 434 active companies 194 countries
Quality data The quality of the data gathered by Datantify is at its highest possible standard. All the information which we have is verified every day to be sure that every email and phone number in our B2B databases is actual. You can be sure that you pay for the real data which will be useful for your business or marketing project. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our data, you can always apply for 30-day money back, but you will not be disappointed
Fresh data The customers of Datantify are always in the first place. Thatโ€™s why you will never find the more actual data than this from our databases. Email lists and phone numbers of the companies are refreshed every day to make sure you will not get any old information which might not be useful. It is already proved by our many customers who are using our services that everything works perfectly in every case, especially when it comes to a data freshness.
Server fleet If it comes to the server fleet Datantify is using huge, fast and reliable servers situated in Canada. Their RAM at the moment is 64 GB and thanks to it our website and services work perfectly without any delay. The server services are provided by one of the best companies in the world which are using the newest technologies to secure and manage your data quickly. You can be sure that with Datantify website everything will be executed properly and your data is safe.
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