Our blog is full of useful information, guides, and samples of data, that you can find in our databases. We love to share our knowledge with everyone who is interested in the topic.

Through our posts, you will find guides for salespeople about their techniques, work, and educational materials. We also have a few articles about the marketing (and tips and trick associated with it), as well as some rankings of business directories or largest companies in countries.

Why we are sharing these? We believe that everyone should have equal right and availability to information, so we decided to build a huge knowledge base that everyone can use. And of course filled it with useful information, tips, data, and more stuff, that can help people to achieve success with their companies.

Another reason for creating this blog is that most of our competitors don’t want to share their knowledge, or don’t have anything interesting that they can share with people.

And the final reason: we simply love to share. Sharing eliminates the barrier between company and customer, and make any dialogue easier and better.

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