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If you are an author or you want to try your skills in the wide field of copywriting and expand your portfolio you can become a guest author. Our knowledge base is still developing and evolving but it also attracts a lot of people.

We can give you your space on the internet where you can express your ideas and write texts about various topics linked to data, databases, marketing, sales and more.

If you are feeling that this might be something for you, and you have great writing skills then we will love to get in touch with you. You can contact us to get more details and also to send us a sample of your text, so we can check out your skills.

As you can see in About knowledge base, our content is directed towards salespeople, business people, marketing people, and managers. Most of our articles are tips and tricks that can be used in a company to achieve the target. We also write about actual situations in various countries markets, and about their biggest companies.

If you are interested in writing for us and joining Team Datantify, please contact us with the e-mail address that you can find in the contact panel on this website.

High-quality databases are an important element of our everyday work. For a long time, we tried different providers and searched for the golden mean. Finally, after some months of trying, checking out, comparing we found Datantify, which came out to be the greatest solution for our business.
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