How to Find Buyers in the Natural Ingredients for Health’s Products Market in Europe🌿

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2. What are the top of the natural ingredients – selling in Europe?
3. How to find aloe vera buyers in Europe?
5. Join trade fairs and meetings
6. Quality and safety – your products must be
7. Professionalism first of all!

Model of the modern European consumer has changed recently. People pay more attention to the composition of products – it doesn’t matter what kind of goods is. It can be cosmetics as well as food and medicine. The marketplace needs to face a challenge of satisfying consumers expectation and one of the most effective ways to attract people to company’s goods is using natural ingredients. This product idea has become more popular in the health product market lately, which poses an easy chance to find European importers of Indian natural components such as aloe vera, moringa powder or turmeric. Let’s consider how to take advantage of this opportunity – may be your new business idea.

1. Health’s products market in Europe – where do you look for a partner?

If you want to find moringa leaf powder buyers in Europe or you are interested in moringa powder price in this part of the world, you need to conduct market research and check where your products will confirm a high level of interest. In the light of Association of the European Self-Medication Industry data, we can point five European Union countries where health products market was the most developed in 2015. On the podium, there is Germany, Italy, and Poland, thereon France and Spain. Naturally, you can pick a partner from another region of Europe – a place of selling the product is dependent on the line of business you want to focus on. Natural ingredients can be used in different kinds of health products: medicine, food supplement or cosmetic. Check which countries focus more or less on these types of processing goods – that will help you in proposing the most attractive offer.

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2. What are the top of the natural ingredients – selling in Europe?

Undoubtedly, the natural ingredients directory is a very wide range of products. However, we are able to distinguish a few the most popular components, which are best-selling in EU countries nowadays:

  • Aloe vera – it is basically used in natural medicine and cosmetics. Thanks to its diversity of vitamins and minerals aloe vera export market are still thriving. Aloe vera marketing specialists shout properties of this plant from the rooftops, so everybody wants to see with their own eyes how it works. As we noticed, we can find products with that component almost everywhere – in pharmacy, supermarket and even in a beauty salon. This proves popularity and demand for the natural ingredient, and consequently, gives a very propitious perspective for aloe vera export from India.
  • Moringa seeds/moringa leaf powder – the product is appreciated by everyone who suffers from a metabolism problem, wrong blood sugar or reins illnesses. We find it in different kinds of medicine or in the form of a food additive. Moringa seeds buyers also provide this ingredient to the cosmetic workshop – it is used as a component of specific oils for skin and hair.
  • Curcumin longa – a popular antioxidant which is used in natural medicine. It prevents various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and tumor. What’s more, curcumin longa can be used in the cosmetic industry because of its bactericidal properties.

If you state products you want to deal in, the only thing to do is finding buyers for natural ingredients from India.

3. How to find aloe vera buyers in Europe?

The answer is: at your fingertips – or at the thing which has a connection to the internet. There are lots of websites of different development organizations, where you can find lists of members – your potential buyers. Lists contain all necessary information about the company, including contact details and addresses, so you could communicate with the chosen member easily.

Example of sector association is the European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers where you can meet the best health product specialists in Europe. They raise a question of natural goods such as herbal preparations, traditional remedies, functional foods, natural cosmetics and food supplements. On its website you may find out information about membership and benefits on this score and, surely, you can get details about moringa leaf powder buyers in Europe.

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4. Represent you in the best possible way

Your potential partners should trust you and cooperate with you without any fear. Start on your website – check if it is written professionally and there are all the necessary details. Describe your product, pay attention to selling points and do not intimate false information. People want to be aware of the cost, so you may add e.g. aloe vera export price for the European Union.

Don’t forget about your profile on social media. Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – there are places where you can be up-to-date with your prospective buyers. Follow their posts and add a suitable comment – it might have a positive influence on your relations with them.

Furthermore, you can advertise your company on many grounds – there are B2B platforms where you could post about your products or innovations. For example, check or

Another way of breaking through other companies is sending emails to your potential partners. Be professional, do not write too much, place clarified information and try not to sound like another aloe vera selling agent – find something unique and show that doing business with you is a true pleasure.

5. Join trade fairs and meetings

An event where you can talk face-to-face with someone is the best option for networking. Right there and then you are able to see interlocutor’s behavior and extend an offer. Take a part in trade fair or conference where you will be able to exhibit and interest buyers in your products. It is important to prepare yourself for the meeting. Print business cards and leaflets and find some information about other attendees.

Example of this kind of event is Health Ingredients Europe. It is an overview of still growing industry where you can meet leaders of health product manufacturing. On its website, you can check which companies are going to be in the event and special application form if you decide to perform behind stand.

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A good idea of being in the swim with events is following news in the European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturer’s website – there is a special tab relating to upcoming conferences. It is another chance to find aloe vera plant buyers there and gain more experience.

6. Quality and safety – your products must be

Surely, your products will be more reliable if they are certified. There are many guarantees which European consumer focus on during the shopping. Certifications such as Fair Trade or Organic can have a positive influence on your products and help you find aloe vera buyers or moringa leaf powder suppliers expediently. Beside presented proofs, there also are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), United Nations Global Compact, Union of Ethical BioTrade, FairWild Standard, or Non-Gmo Certification.

You have to remember that your natural ingredients come from the third country in the light of the UE law. It carries complying with special regulations and meeting standards depended on the line of business products will be used (medicine, food, cosmetic). Before you start cooperation with your European partner find out what exactly they deal with and check if your products are up to standards.

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7. Professionalism first of all!

The future of natural ingredients looks prospective – health products market in Europe is continually growing and the demand for this type of product is increasing too. If your products are organic and high-quality, you would find aloe vera buyers without difficulty. Keep in mind that to find a buyer and sell aloe vera isn’t enough to succeed in. Take care of your business relationships and convince the partner you are professional and honest, because this is a real value of dealing with.

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