Top 19 shoe manufacaturers in the world for 2019

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The growing footwear sector has been dominating the global market for a few decades now. We have all witnessed specific changes in consumer demand – we have become pickier and more fashion-conscious than ever. We all want shoes that are of good quality, stylish and affordable. We want diversity and comfort. And on top of that, many of us use shoes as a form of self-expression, just like make-up or apparel we often go after shoes that match our personality. It is hard to believe, but the shoes that you choose to wear can communicate so many different things: your status, fashion sense, even your current mood. We are becoming more and more aware of that globally. We want our shoes to have it all, and it is the shoes brands’ most important job to meet all these expectations.

1. Introduction

In this article, we will do our best to inspire you. We will share with you a great selection of the best shoes in the world to choose from. We want this article to be a source of valuable information for your business. To do that, we cover many brands known for different styles of shoes. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the top shoe brands that are crushing the shoe game right now!

2. TOP 19 shoe brands in the world

Below you will find a list of the top shoe brands in the world. We know that there are more brands that for example create custom shoes, but in this article, we cover the ones with highest revenues and most recognizable. The list is in first to the last order, with additional information that you can use.

2.1 Nike

logo owner: Nike

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Nike so high on this list. After all, Nike is an American multinational corporation with a long tradition of selling the best shoes in the world. It was launched back in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Ever since then the company was growing fast and now is among the most popular shoe brands out there. But Nike is not just footwear. It also provides a great selection of athletic apparel and sports equipment.

Nike advertising strategy is largely based on sponsorship deals with celebrity athletes, professional and college teams. The company mission is to expand human potential. It fights for innovative solutions and inclusivity, and this is why we believe it deserves its top spot.

Revenue: $38.7B

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1964

Chairman & CEO: Mark Parker

Sector: Footwear, Apparel

2.2 Adidas

logo owner: Adidas

Adidas and its iconic three stripes logo need no introduction. The company was founded in 1924 in Germany by the Dasslers brothers: Adolf and Rudolf. It is the largest sportswear brand in Europe, and the second largest in the world, right after Nike.

The brand never fails to keep up with the newest global trends and needs. Adidas footwear has become a core part of the modern urban busy lifestyle – a global trend that’s been on top for a few years now.

Let’s not forget that Adidas shows great concern for the environment. In 2015 the brand first introduced the concept of performance footwear that will be fully recyclable! And now in 2019 Adidas officially announced that it would produce 11 million pairs of shoes containing recycled ocean plastic!

Revenue: $30B

Country of origin: Germany

Year of foundation: 1924

Owner: Kasper Rørsted

Sector: Footwear, Leather Goods

2.3 Jordan

logo owner: Jordan

Jordan is among the most recognizable brands of shoes for athletes and sports enthusiasts all across the world. The brand is owned by Nike and was created in 1984 for former professional basketball player Michael Jordan.

This top shoe brand is known for its expensive casual look and fashionable look. With its uniquely designed and durable products, Jordan, both the brand and its footwear, has achieved a widespread legend status among sportspeople. All of that proves the quality and relevance of this brand.

2.4 Reebok

logo owner: Reebok

Reebok is an English company famous worldwide for designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of footwear and apparel. Reebok was established in the year 1958 by Jeff and Joe Foster. And since 2005, it has been operating as a subsidiary brand of German giant Adidas.

Reebok, offering a wide range of durable, comfy and trendy footwear, is globally recognized as one of the top famous shoe brands. In 2010, Reebok formed a partnership with CrossFit, and since then Reebok is on its way to becoming the best fitness brand in the world.

Revenue: $2B

Country of origin: UK

Year of foundation: 1958

President and CEO: Matthew H. O’Toole

Sector: Clothing

2.5 Vans

logo owner: Vans

Vans is an American based company. It started out as a company of skateboarding shoes and related apparel, but over the years it went off its original idea. The first Vans store was opened in 1966 by brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, and Gordon C. Lee. Now Vans is a subsidiary of VF Corporation.

Vans are really popular among top world athletes. Vans shoes are comfortable, stylish and quite expensive but they are worth the price. The iconic vans shoes are worshipped by the younger generation. Those timeless shoes are a must-have for many high schoolers and college students.

The brand is known for sponsoring events, like the Warped Tour, a traveling rock tour across the United States, continuously since 1996, or the US Open of Surfing in 2014.

Revenue: $1.2B

Country of origin: UK

Year of foundation: 1966

Owner: VF Corporation

Sector: Clothing

2.6 Converse

logo owner: Converse

Converse is an American shoe company that primarily produces skating shoes and lifestyle brand footwear and apparel. The company was founded by Marquis Mills in 1908, and it has been a subsidiary of Nike, since 2003.

Converse sneakers are without a doubt legendary shoes. They are easily identified by the company’s star insignia on the side or the wrap-around strip. The brand can be defined in three words: authentic, classic and luxurious. It goes without saying that Converse is known as the most iconic American shoes manufacturing company with a long and rich tradition that started over a century ago.

Revenue: $300M

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1908

President & CEO: G. Scott Uzzell

Sector: Clothing

2.7 Under Armour

logo owner: Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour shoes are comfortable, aesthetically-appealing, and modern.

UA was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank in Baltimore, USA, which makes it the youngest company on the entire list. The brand attained enormous popularity in very little time as it incorporated the three newest footwear technologies at that time: HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear. The brand released iconic brand campaigns like ‘Protect This House’ and ‘Rule Yourself 2.0’. All that resulted in UA captured a whopping 23% of the market share in the very first year – and that speaks volumes.

Revenue: $5.2B

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1996

Chairman & CEO: Kevin A. Plank

Sector: Clothing

2.8 Puma

logo owner: Puma

Puma is widely known for producing athletic shoes and casual footwear. Like most of the names included in this list, Puma and its logo is definitely one of the most recognized brands across the globe. The company was founded in 1948, following a major breakdown in the relationship between the Dasslers brothers: Adolf and Rudolf. Adolf created Adidas, and Rudolf started Puma, which became Adidas’ business rival.

Puma shoes are praised all over the internet for being comfortable and well-designed. The brand is rather expensive, but the shoes’ look and excellent quality are worth the money. These shoes are great if you are into training, fitness or sports like track.

Revenue: $5.5B

Country of origin: Germany

Year of foundation: 1948

CEO: Bjorn Gulden

Sector: Apparel, Accessories, Sports equipment

2.9 New Balance

logo owner: New Balance

New Balance is an American corporation that was founded in the year 1906 by William J Riley. With a legacy of over 100 years, New Balance is getting the recognition it deserves, and the part of it is because of the quality products that the brand has been coming up with consistently. NB shoes are by many considered to be one of the most comfortable shoes in the world. They last long, especially if taken good care of and are not that expensive considering the fashionable look and quality. These sports footwear can be worn both on track or as everyday shoes that will make for a more modern look.

The New Balance brand takes pride in making shoes in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom for the European market, in contrast to its competitors, which often manufacture exclusively outside the United States and Europe.

Revenue: $3.9B

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1906

CEO: Joe Preston

Sector: Footwear

2.10 Skechers

logo owner: Skechers

Skechers manufactures shoes for men, women, kids, and performance. It is an American footwear company that was founded in 1992. Not many people know that Skechers is the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States. The shoes are comfy and provide great support. They are available at reasonable prices all across the globe.

Revenue: $4.6B

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1992

Chairman & CEO: Robert Greenberg

Sector: Footwear

2.11 Johnston and Murphy

logo owner: Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy is an American footwear and clothing company that operates as a subsidiary of Genesco Inc. The company offers a vast selection of styles and models.

Johnston & Murphy deals with designing, sourcing, marketing and distributing of not only footwear and apparel but also leather goods and luggage. The company’s aesthetics represents the style of a modern gentleman. Johnston & Murphy offers a new take on the classics and indulges its clientele with a refined yet casual version of elegance.

Revenue: $48.7M

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1850

President: Jon Caplan

Sector: Apparel

2.12 Timberland

logo owner: Timberland

Timberland is your go-to brand if you are looking for shoes that are made by professionals. It is an American company specializing in producing and retailing footwear and apparel for outdoor use. The history of the company began 67 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Timberland was created in 1952 by Nathan Swartz. VF Corporation currently owns the brand.

This brand has proven to be on top regardless of the changes in the market. With its timeless design and instantly recognizable logo, the brand never fails to deliver the best possible products. The manufacturer offers comfort and versatility that is difficult to achieve anywhere else. That’s why Timberland’s products stand the test of time.

Revenue: $1.8B

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1952

Owner: VF Corporation

Sector: Apparel

2.13 Fila

logo owner: Fila

Listed only as 11th in our list, Fila is still considered to be among the most popular shoe brands in the world. Fila is an Italian origin company that was founded back in 1911 by Johan Fila. In 2007, the company was purchased by Gene Yoon (known as Yoon Yoon-su in Korea), and since then is owned and operated from Seoul in South Korea. Fila is a leading designer and marketer of casual and athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories for sport and leisure. It produces comfortable and stylish, well-designed and functional footwear for every budget and fashion taste.

Revenue: $37.3M

Country of origin: Italy

Year of foundation: 1911

CEO: Gene Yoon

Sector: Apparel

2.14 LeBron

logo owner: LeBron

Lebron is a product of numerous Nike’s partnerships with the biggest names in basketball. One of the most recent partnerships that have happened between the sports giant Nike and the top basketball player Lebron James resulted in really well-received signature shoes designed just for James. But the interesting thing is that right before signing with Nike, James became a target of all three top sports brands in the world bidding! Nike, Reebok, and Adidas were all fighting to sign up an endorsement contract with the player. Eventually, James signed with Nike for approximately $90 million. As was already mentioned, his signature shoes have caused a sensation.

The newest model of LeBron is engineered with the advanced type of fabric and cushioning and are highly durable and long-lasting.

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 2018

Owner: Nike, Inc.

Sector: Apparel, Accessories, Sports equipment

2.15 Testoni

logo owner: Testoni

Testoni offers premium quality craft designer shoes. The has been manufacturing unique and exclusive footwear since 1929. The company is of Italian origin and was created in 1929 by master shoemaker Amedeo Testoni at Bologna Italy. Ever since then the company have continuously made a great effort to produce authentic classic footwear with its original methods and made only of the top selected fabrics.

The luxury brand established itself as one of the most excellent footwear companies in the world. Testoni is best-known for making lightweight shoes and offering insulation from humidity, cold and heat.

Revenue: $3.2M

Country of origin: Italy

Year of foundation: 1929

Owner: Bruno Fantechi

Sector: Luxury Goods

2.16 Berluti

logo owner: Berluti

Berluti is a subsidiary brand of LVMH (i.e. Louis Vuitton SE) that produces menswear. The company is most notable for manufacturing shoes and boots with the leather finishing of calfskin, kangaroo leather, and alligator skin. The brand boasts over a hundred years of tradition and professionalism. It was established in the year 1895 by Italian Alessandro Berluti of Marche. After a nearly hundred years of manufacturing, in 1993, the LVMH group acquired Berluti.

Berluti is also a big player in designing and marketing leather belts, bags, and wallets. The brand also produces ready-to-wear and bespoke garments. In 2012, Berluti took over Paris tailor house Arny’s and launched its first prêt-à-porter menswear collections.

Revenue: $5.5M

Country of origin: Italy

Year of foundation: 1895

Owner: LVMH

Sector: Fashion

2.17 ASICS

ASICS (アシックス Ashikkusu) is a corporation of Japanese origin that was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The company manufactures sports footwear and equipment. ASICS started producing basketball shoes exclusively, but over time it has grown to design for a broad range of sports.

The odd-sounding name is actually an acronym for the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano”, which translates as “Healthy soul in a healthy body”. In recent years their performance shoes have frequently been ranked among the top shoe brands in the market. Since 2018 ASICS is an International Paralympic Committee official supplier. The support will expire end of 2020.

Revenue: $6B

Country of origin: Japan

Year of foundation: 1949

Chairman & CEO: Motoi Oyama

Sector: Sportswear, Sports equipment

2.18 Tommy Hilfiger

logo owner: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a top quality American company that manufactures a range of products. The company markets and sells footwear, apparel, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings. The company’s founder, Hilfiger, proudly draws inspiration from his American heritage, and his mission is to make classic and fashionable products.

The company was founded in 1985. In 2006, it was acquired by Apax Partners, and since 2010, the brand operates as a subsidiary of its parent company PVH. Despite all of those changes in the company’s board, Tommy Hilfiger remains the principal designer in the company and is responsible for leading the design teams and supervising the entire creative process.

Revenue: $6.6B

Country of origin: USA

Year of foundation: 1985

CEO: Daniel Grieder

Sector: Apparel Retail

2.19 Clarks

logo owner: Clarks

Clarks is one of those brands that you can trust with your shoes. For those of you unfamiliar with the footwear market, it might surprise to learn that Clarks has been around for much longer than many other top shoe brands in the world. The company can pride itself on nearly two hundred years of shoe manufacturing! Clarks excels in producing leather shoes, mainly formal shoes, offering casual footwear as well.

Clarks is a British international shoe manufacturer and retailer. The brand originated in England. It was established in 1825 by brothers Cyrus and James Clark, hence the full company name C. & J. Clark International Ltd. As of today, the company is 84% owned by the Clark family.

Revenue: $2.2B

Country of origin: England

Year of foundation: 1825

CEO: Giorgio Presca

Sector: Retail

3. Summary

The global footwear market is a multi-billion U.S. dollar industry. Increasing demand for sports shoes and non-sports designer shoes are responsible for the major growth of the footwear industry. The shoe brands listed in this article have demonstrated their leading positions by long years of tradition and dominance in the market. The revenue estimation were provided by To read more bite-sized lists like this, you should check other articles on Datantify!

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