Top 40 companies of ASX by market cap

Top 40 companies of ASX by market cap

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is a large financial market exchange that is surely known as every investor or broker who is interested in stock trading. We can find their information about particular listed Australian companies with annual dividends warrants and contact details. In the light of data from ASX, there is a list of the top 40 companies of ASX, which are hierarchies by its market capitalization. Let’s look now, which company takes a lead here!

40. James Hardie Indust


logo owner: James Hardie Indust

James Hardie Indust was founded in 1888. This international company specializes in the production of building materials. Its flagship product is HardiePlank. In general, the company is a leader in fiber cement and joins over 3,500 people working in different departments. 


CEO: Jack G. Truong 

Market Cap: $11 billion

Stock Symbol: JHX

39. Aurizon Holdings


logo owner: Aurizon Holdings

The company is the top rail freight operator in Australia. Aurizon Holdings started operating on the market in 2004. Every year the company is responsible for transport over 250 million tons of primary products and other Australian commodities. 


CEO: Andrew Harding 

Market Cap: $11 billion

Stock Symbol: AZJ

38. Stockland FP Ordinary


logo owner: Stockland FP Ordinary

Stockland FP Ordinary operations are connected to property development. It was established in 1952 as Stocks&Holdings. The company manages 35 retail town centers and its ownership interest is valued at $6.9 billion in this area.  


CEO: Andrew Whitson

Market Cap: $11 billion

Stock Symbol: SGP

37. GPT Group FP


logo owner: GPT Group

The company is headquartered in Sydney and has been operating in the Australian market since 1971. The company handles in Australian real estate and in 2018 GPT Group took place in the Australia Workplace Equality Index.


CEO: Bob Johnston

Market Cap: $11 billion

Stock Symbol: GPT

36. Treasury Wine Estate


logo owner: Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estate is one of the biggest wine companies in Australia. It was founded in 1843. The entity employs over 3,400 people, its products are sold in more than 70 countries and have the access to 13,000 hectares of vineyards internationally located.  


CEO: Michael Clarke

Market Cap: $12 billion

Stock Symbol: TWE

35. SOUTH32 Ltd


logo owner: South32 Ltd

South32 operates in the metal and mining industry. It was founded in 2015 and its core operations are related to the development of natural resources. The company produces energy coal, alumina, nickel, metallurgical coal, manganese, silver, lead, and zinc in three continents. 


CEO: Graham Kerr

Market Cap: $12 billion

Stock Symbol: S32

34. Cochlear Ltd


logo owner: Cochlear logo

This company specializes in the production of medical devices. It is the main manufacturer of hearing implants. Cochlear offers middle-ear implants, bone conduction implants, cochlear devices, and bone-anchored prosthetics. 


CEO: Dig Howitt

Market Cap: $12 billion

Stock Symbol: COH

33. Mirvac Group FP Ordinary


logo owner: Mirvac Group

Mirvac Group deals in real estate. Its services include property investment and the head office is in Sydney. It was established in 1972. Mirvac is principally located in four big cities of Australia, including Sydney where its headquarter is. The company has already got $18 billion of assets under management. 


CEO: Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz

Market Cap: $12 billion

Stock Symbol: MGR

32. AGL Energy


logo owner: AGL Energy

AGL Energy provides electricity and gas services both for commercial and residential use. It was founded in 1867 as an Australian Gas Light Company. The company gets energy from thermal power, sources of natural gas, hydroelectricity,  wind power, and solar panels. 


CEO: Brett Redman

Market Cap: $12 billion

Stock Symbol: AGL

31. Dexus


logo owner: Dexus

Dexus is a company manages offices and industrial properties in Australia. It trades on behalf of their clients to create a space for work. At the moment the company employs over 530 people and has more than $31 billion in funds under the management. 


CEO: Darren Steinberg

Market Cap: $13 billion

Stock Symbol: DXS

30. APA Group


logo owner: APA Group

APA Group’s core business is about the energy industry. The company head office is in Sydney and was listed in 2000. It is a supplier of almost half natural gas in Australia. The company serves almost 1.4 million businesses and homes in Australia and has many interests in energy investments including South East Australia Gas Pty Ltd or Energy Infrastructure Investments.


CEO: Robert Wheals

Market Cap: $13 billion

Stock Symbol: APA

29.Sonic Healthcare Limited


logo owner: Sonic Healthcare Ltd

Sonic Healthcare Limited was founded in 1987 and its headquarter is in Sydney. The company’s specialization is pathology medicine. It operates in eight countries with a team of 36,000 people – including 900 specialist pathologists and more than 200 radiologists. 


CEO: Colin S. Goldschmidt M.D.

Market Cap: $13 billion

Stock Symbol: SHL

28. Origin Energy Limited


logo owner: Origin Energy

The company started operating in 2000. Origin Energy Limited is a key player in the energy supply chain in Australia. The core businesses of the company are energy sales, gas exploration and production, power generation and renewable energy options. 


CEO: Frank Calabria

Market Cap: $13 billion

Stock Symbol: ORG

27. REA Group


logo owner: REA Group

Rea Group started in a small garage in 1995 and now is a large digital business company. It provides the services across three continents – Australia, Asia, and North America. Rea Group joins over 1,400 people who support clients in the property aspects. The company has its own brands such as Hometrack, Spacely or Housing. 


CEO: Owen Wilson

Market Cap: $14 billion

Stock Symbol: REA

26. ASX Ltd


logo owner: ASX Ltd

Are you surprised that ASX Limited finds its place on the list of top 50 companies of ASX by market cap? This entity is one of the leading financial market exchanges in the world. Thanks to the company, there is a possibility to check actual listings, trading and use its post-trade services.


CEO: Dominic Stevens

Market Cap: $16 billion

Stock Symbol: ASX

25. SANTOS Limited


logo owner: Santos Limited

SANTOS Limited is one of the biggest oil and gas producers in the Asia-Pacific region. It was founded in 1954. The activities of the company are aimed at onshore, offshore and LNG projects. It is focused on five main assets including Papua New Guinea, Northern Australia, Western Australia, GLNG and Cooper Basin.


CEO: Kevin Gallagher

Market Cap: $17 billion

Stock Symbol: STO

24. QBE Insurance Group


logo owner: QBE Insurance Group

QBE Insurance Group is headquartered in Sydney and was established 133 years ago. The company employees about 12,000 people and provides its insurance services in more than 30 countries. The offer contains commercial, risk management, investment, and personal products. 


CEO: Patrick Regan

Market Cap: $16 billion

Stock Symbol: QBE

23. Suncorp Group Ltd


logo owner: Suncorp Group Ltd

Suncorp Group Limited is a financial services giant in Australia and New Zealand. The company was founded in 1996 by a merger of three companies. In a present, it joins over 13,000 people and goes under the brands: Vero, GIO, Apia, Suncorp or Shannon. 


CEO: Steve Johnston

Market Cap: $17 billion

Stock Symbol: SUN

22. Insurance Australia Group


logo owner: Insurance Australia Group

The largest insurance company in Australia and New Zealand – Insurance Australia Group has been functioning on the market since 2000. It seals insurance under many brands, such as NRMA Insurance, SGIO, Lumley Insurance, WFI, SGIC, Swann Insurance, CGU, NZI, State, and AMI.


CEO: Peter Harmer

Market Cap: $18 billion

Stock Symbol: IAG

21. Brambles Ltd


logo owner: Brambles Ltd

One of the giants in commercial and professional services. It deals in logistic area – reuses pallets and containers precisely. Brambles were founded in 1875 and presently offer its products in 60 countries all over the Americas, Europe Middle East, and Africa and Asia-Pacific. 


CEO: Graham Andrew Chipchase

Market Cap: $18 billion

Stock Symbol: BXM

20. SYD Airport FP Ordinary


logo owner: SYD Airport

Sydney Airport Holdings is a top aviation services provider in Australia. It was founded in 2002 and its headquarter is in the capital of Australia. The company guarantees a connection between more than 90 destinations all over the world. In 2018 Sydney Airport got AAA National Airport Industry Awards of the Airport of the Year.


CEO: Geoff Culbert

Market Cap: $19 billion

Stock Symbol: SYD

19.  Aristocrat Leisure


logo owner: Aristocrat Leisure

This big gambling machine manufacturer is headquartered in Sydney and started operating on the market in 1953. Aristocrat Leisure’s game products and services are distributed globally – people from 90 countries use the offer of the company. It focuses on digital and land-based businesses, which are known by the following name: Plarium, Big Fish Games or Aristocrat Class III.


CEO: Trevor Croker

Market Cap: $20 billion

Stock Symbol: ALL

18. Coles Group


logo owner: Coles Group

Coles Group is one of the top companies listed in ASX which leads in the retail sector. It has 2,500 retails outlets in Australia and can be divided into a few main businesses connected with normal supermarkets, financial services, online shopping and operating hotel lines. 


CEO: Steven Cain

Market Cap: $20 billion

Stock Symbol: COL

17. Amcor Plc


logo owner: Amcor Plc

Amor Plc is a top company handles in producing and distributing packing for various categories of products – starting from the food and beverage to pharmaceutical and home appliances. The beginning of Amcor back to 1860s and presently it employs about 50,000 people, who work in over 40 countries. 


CEO: Ron Delia

Market Cap: $22 billion

Stock Symbol: AMC

16. Newcrest Mining


logo owner: Newcrest Mining

Newcrest Mining – a corporation specializes in gold exploration, development, trading, and distribution. It is a global leader among gold mining companies which was founded in 1966. The company’s mines are placed in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.


CEO: Sandeep Biswas

Market Cap: $24 billion

Stock Symbol: NCM

15. Goodman Group FP Ordinary/Units Stapled Securities


logo owner: Goodman Group

Goodman Group FP Ordinary is a company handles real estate. In particular, the entity manages warehouses, office parks, and huge logistics facilities. It was founded in 1989 and more than 1,600 customers have been already operated by Goodman. Furthermore, the company operates not only in Australia but also provides services in the other 16 countries.


CEO: Gregory Goodman

Market Cap: $26 billion

Stock Symbol: GMG

14. Fortescue Metals Group


logo owner: Fortescue Metals Group

Another large mining corporation trading in iron ore is Fortescue Metals Group. The headquarter is located in Perth and the company operates mainly in two areas of Western Australia – Chichester Hub and Solomon Hub. Fortescue Metals Group has been providing its services since 2003 with over 5,000 employees already. 


CEO: Elizabeth Gaines

Market Cap: $27 billion

Stock Symbol: FMG

13. Woodside Petroleum


logo owner: Woodside Petroleum

Woodside Petroleum products and explores petroleum. The company is the largest natural gas producer in Australia. It is headquartered in Perth and was established in 1954. There are almost 4,000 people who decided to work for Woodside Petroleum in different areas of business including exploring, developing and producing processes.


CEO: Peter Coleman

Market Cap: $30 billion 

Stock Symbol: WPL

12.  RIO Tinto Ltd


logo owner: Rio Tinto

The company is one of the top mining corporations in the world. It was founded in 1873. Rio Tino Ltd is a dual-listed entity – both in London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange. The core business of the company is a production of raw minerals such as iron, ore, diamonds, and copper.


CEO: Jean-Sébastien Jacques

Market Cap: $34 billion 

Stock Symbol: RIO

11.Transurban Group FP Ordinary/Units Stapled Securities


logo owner: Transurban Group FP Ordinary/Units Stapled Securities

Transurban Group FP Ordinary was founded in 1996. This company provides services related to infrastructure and development, particularly it goes about operating toll-roads in Australia and North America. It also builds parks, plant trees and bike paths for a better connection between citizens.


CEO: Scott Charlton

Market Cap: $40 billion 

Stock Symbol: TCL

10. Telstra Corporation


logo owner: Telstra Corp

Internet access, telecommunications networks, cloud services, mobile and televisions subscription – these are the things that the Australian Telstra Corporation Limited handles in. Telstra was established in 1975 and offers its selected telecommunication services in the other 20 countries.


CEO: Andy Penn

Market Cap: $42 billion

Stock Symbol: TLS

9. Wesfarmers Ltd


logo owner: Westfarmers

Wesfarmers is one of the biggest companies in the conglomerate industry in Australia. It was founded in 1914 and the major operations include apparel and general merchandise, office supplies, industrial and safety products, and home improvement. It has other own businesses, for example, Coles, Flybuys, BWP Trust, Gresham Partners or Wespine Industries.


CEO: Rob Scott

Market Cap: $46 billion

Stock Symbol: WES

8. Macquarie Group Ltd


logo owner: Macquarie Group Ltd

Macquarie Group is a financial company dealing with banking, clients’ assets management, leasing, foreign exchange trading, risk, and capital solutions. It appeared on the market in 1969. What is interesting, the company is closely tied to Australian art and supports young talents in this area.


CEO: Shemara Wikramanayake

Market Cap: $47 billion

Stock Symbol: MQG

7. Woolworths Group Ltd


logo owner: Woolworths Group Ltd

Woolworths Group – the company which operates in the retailing sector. The foundation of this entity took place 95 years ago in Sydney where the first store was opened. Presently, it is focused on three key businesses: Australian Food, Endeavour Drinks, and New Zealand Food. Woolworths Group employs over 201,000 people and supports many local enterprises.


CEO: Brad Banducci

Market Cap: $47 billion

Stock Symbol: WOW

6. ANZ Banking Group Ltd


logo owner: ANZ Banking Group

The full name of ANZ is Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. The financial company was founded in 1835 and next to the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpack is the biggest bank institution in a country. Moreover, ANZ provides its services in 33 international markets.


CEO: Shayne Elliott

Market Cap: $79 billion

Stock Symbol: ANZ

5. National Australia Bank Ltd


logo owner: Nationa Australia Bank

National Australia Bank was established in 1982 and is one of the national leaders in banking and financial services. Business banking, consumer banking, wholesale banking, wealth management, and insurance are the main products providing by National Australia Bank.


CEO:Ross McEwan

Market Cap: $84 billion 

Stock Symbol: NAB

4.Westpac Banking Corp


logo owner: Westpac Banking Group

Westpac Banking Corp is an Australian bank that often goes by the name of Westpack. It is one of the oldest banks in Australia – Westpack is already 202 years old. This financial provider employs nearly 40,000 people and divides into 5 core sectors serving over 13 million customers.


CEO: Brian Hartzer

Market Cap: $101 billion

Stock Symbol: WBC

3. BHP Group Limited


logo owner: BHP Group Australia

This company was founded in 1885 and is major in metals, petroleum, and mining sector. Its main headquarter is in Melbourne and as a multinational corporation joins over 62 thousand employees. BHP Group Limited has its mines in various parts of the world – from Australia and Algeria to Brazil and the United States.


CEO: Andrew Mackenzie

Market Cap: A$106 billion 

Stock Symbol: BHP

2. CSL Ltd


logo owner: CSL Australia

CSL Ltd is an Australian biotech company that specializes in innovative biotherapies and in-licensed vaccines. It was founded in 1991 and three years later the company was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The other core capabilities of CSL are respiratory, hematology and thrombosis, immunology and neurology.


CEO: Paul Perreault

Market Cap: A$116 billion 

Stock Symbol: CSL 

1. Commonwealth Bank


logo owner: Commonwealth Bank Australia

The first place goes to Commonwealth Bank. It is a leader of integrated financial services in Australia, but the entity has its branches all over the world – starting with New Zealand and Asia, to North America and Europe. Everything began in 1911 when the Australian government established the bank. Presently, it handles some line of businesses such as institutional banking, insurance, broking, funds and investing.


CEO: Matt Comyn

Market Cap: A$ 142 billion 

Stock Symbol: CBA


To sum up, this paper presents top Australian companies by its market cup on the grounds of ASX listings. You can see entities from different industries – starting with mining and energy exploration, to retail sectors. We hope that list would be useful for you, but if you are still hungry for knowledge, you should look at Datantify databases where you can find companies from various parts of the world!

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