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#1 Introduction

As one of the biggest providers of databases in the world, we have data that allow us to prepare and frequently update rankings of top companies in more than 5 different categories, like size, revenue, and other factors. In a response to multiple questions and requests if we have any rankings of this type that can be used in various types of scientific researches and business insights, we decided to create, frequently update and share this type of rankings completely free for everyone.

Below we described what rankings we currently have, what they contain and added information about terms and conditions of use of them.

#2 Metrics

Currently, we have 5 metrics based on which we create top companies rankings. Below you will find short descriptions of these metrics.

#2.1 revenue

The first factor that we are creating our rankings with is revenue. This is one of the most important things for companies, and the target of all of them, which also gives us a lot of information about every single firm.

#2.2 market cap

The next factor that we are using to prepare our rankings is market capitalization, which is simply the value of the company that is traded in the stock market. For potential customers or business partners, it is very valuable data.

#2.3 numbers of stores

The number of stores is another factor that we are using to create our rankings. This one can help to define the real size of the companies you are interested in. It will also give you information if the company is growing and developing.

#2.4 numbers of employee

Employees are the fundament of every company, and that’s why the number of employees factor is so important in business. It will provide similar information to the “number of stores” factor and help you to determine if companies are open to new people.

#2.5 best places to work for

Another factor that helps to define if a particular company’s daily basis is great quality and highest standards. Rankings of the best places to work are vastly popular and very useful nowadays for everyone.

#3 Rankings

Below you will find a list of our current rankings. This list is frequently updated and developed.

#4 Data timeliness

Top companies rankings are updated once in a month (about 10th of every month).

#5 Data reliability

All the data in our rankings come from our Datantify Alant algorithm, and they are additionally enriched with stock and economic information, and press communicates, which allow us to create such a precise and extensive rankings. Because of that, you can be sure that our rankings are fully reliable, objective and up to date.

#6 Usage of rankings

Our rankings are completely free for private and commercial use as long as you fulfill the only condition: you must share the source of the ranking in form of clickable, direct HTML link to a particular ranking you are using, and also link to the main page. For printed materials, the condition is the same: full source HTML link and web address.

High-quality databases are an important element of our everyday work. For a long time, we tried different providers and searched for the golden mean. Finally, after some months of trying, checking out, comparing we found Datantify, which came out to be the greatest solution for our business.
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