12 Best Applications for Driving Directions

The popularity of car transport is growing every year, and the current number of drivers is vast. As the world and human technology are improving we also find a way to make our driving life more comfortable. The feature which saved a lot of time and nerves is called drive direction. If you haven’t heard anything about such a thing, you can also call it GPS. We will list the most popular mapping platforms which allow you to create special GPS driving route to get to the set place as fast as it is possible.

1. Google Maps

Of course, we have to start with the most popular driving directions map which is used by millions of users. Google Maps reached the majority of driving community thanks to its intuitiveness and detailed information about the roads across the entire world. Thanks to its responsiveness you can use mobile directions without any need to download them from the computer before the trip. As long as you have the internet connection, you can use direction application whenever you want, and it will work.


As we mentioned before, everything is effortless, you need to enter the start and the end location, and you will get the best possible direction based on the traffics in the specified region you are driving. If you don’t like the route which Google Maps chose for you, you can always choose the other way, and the directions app will adjust itself for you.


Also, as every good GPS app, it shows you the estimated time of driving with the average speed. Once you are driving faster than it is allowed the app will adjust and show you the estimated time to get to the destination. Remember it is better to drive slower but safer, so we advise you to use the recommended speed.

Types of transport

With Google Maps, you can also choose which transport now you are using. If you are maybe driving a car, a transit, plane or just walking – Google is prepared for that and can adjust all the data for your specific type of transport. Thanks to it you can save a lot of time, and for example, you can avoid the hard routes for cycling and choose the easier one where there aren’t that many cars which sometimes might be dangerous for a bike user.


Google Maps is a free GPS app, so you don’t have to be worried about any additional costs related to the driving directions provided by this giant company. So if it isn’t a significant route or you need to get a fast driving direction, Google will be a perfect choice.

Mobile directions

To make life easier Google Maps have developed a special mobile app which you can download for free from the Android store. Thanks to it whenever you are you will have a possibility to get the drive directions online.

Android iOS

2. MapQuest

MapQuest is a mapping platform which mainly focuses on improving their car directions. That’s why you can expect from them the highest quality routes. At the beginning the interface looks similar to Google Maps one, you choose your starting point and destination point. For the mobile phones, MapQuest also provides voice navigation, so if your hands are busy, it might be a great alternative to traditional mapping apps.


Make a stop

A significant advantage of the MapQuest is that you can add your stops during the route. So once you drive to the specific location, the GPS will tell you how close you are to your stop and with that information, you will know where you can make a little break. Great opportunity especially for truck drivers or for long casual trips which require some rest during the driving route.


Avoid inconvenience

Also, MapQuest provides an advanced driving route settings which allow you to avoid the highway, ferries, seasonal roads and many more during the trip or work. If it comes to the choice of the type of the vehicle, you can choose only between walking or a car so Google Maps, in this case, has a little more significant choice. But when it comes to the routes, in my opinion, the MapQuest is winning this contest.

If you would like to know more about other features of the MapQuest you can check them in our guide where you will receive detailed information about this fantastic mapping platform.



As Google Maps when it comes to the driving routes, MapQuest is free. So use it whenever you want and enjoy great driving directions with less traffic than you would have without it.

Mobile directions

MapQuest isn’t worse than Google Maps and has their maps also for the mobile platforms to check everything online during the trip or work.

Android iOS

3. Waze

Another typical mapping app also developed by Google which offers a driving directions feature. It allows you to enter the start and destination location and then display the estimated time of the drive. Everything is shown on the map with detailed information. Also on the left, you have listed a special listing with different routes which you can use. So if the primary path doesn’t satisfy you, you can choose other. It is comfortable to change everything with only one tap.


Waze also has its application dedicated to mobile devices which makes all the things much more comfortable. So instead of checking the map on their website, you can download to driving directions app. Sadly we can’t notice features which allow you to skip some random things like traffics. Still, it is an interesting choice if you value the comfortableness and simpleness.



It’s incredible that it is another driving directions app which allows you to get a route for free. If you don’t use other features which might bring some visits from other people you will not be charged for anything. We advise you to try Waze before you make the final choice of the application you want to use for fantastic drive directions.

Mobile directions

Waze driving directions application is free for every mobile device, so don’t hesitate and try it out on your own.

Android iOS

4. HERE WeGo

Here WeGo is another good competitor to the Google Maps and MapQuest which allows you to get directions from the start to the end point. A nice thing is you can also add other locations during the driving so you can stop for a little break or go sightseeing if an exciting place is on the way to your destination point.


Friendly UI

Especially for people not acknowledged with the app and mapping world Here look beautiful thanks to its simple UI. Everything is intuitive and doesn’t require extensive knowledge. Compared to, e.g. MapQuest it is an excellent solution for people who don’t like much effort but also with simpleness you have fewer features than in MapQuest.



Here WeGo is entirely free for all – computer and mobile devices so wherever you are you can use it as an offline or online map. It is an excellent choice for the freebies then.

Mobile Directions

Here WeGo provides the app for both the most popular mobile operating systems. Below you will find the links to official app stores of Android and iOS.

Android iOS

5. Scout Navigation

Scout Navigation is a driving-friendly app developed for only mobile devices so you can’t use it on the personal computer or the laptop to for example to generate an offline map. They provide two different navigation views what is interesting. Both aspects allow you to stay focused on the road thanks to the voice interaction through your car’s push to talk button if you have one. So as you can read you can plug the phone and use the app on your display screen in the car.


Also with the Scout Navigation except for the mobile driving directions you can search for the nearby gas stations, restaurants and many more places which are included in the app. It is convenient, especially during a long trip. If you liked any situation and you would like to back to this location in the other time you can save the favourites places, so whenever you want you can tap on it, and you will get a direction immediately to it.


You can get the standard version of the scout navigation with its basic features for free. If you would like to have a full version with all the elements which might also increase the comfortability, then you need to pay 25$ yearly. It is a reasonable price, and everyone can afford it yearly without any problem

Android iOS

6. iGO Navigation

iGO Navigation is an innovative app for iOS and Android which has a lot of useful features for casual and professional drivers. You can find there such options like different routing what means you can use alternatives routes if you are not satisfied with the one suggested by the app. Also, iGO Navigation has a similar possibility as Google Maps which allow the user to avoid the traffic so that he can get to the specific location much faster.


The most exciting feature of the iGO is a realistic Visualization which let the user display a map in 3D imagery so the driver can better understand the surroundings during the work or a trip. iGO didn’t forget about the professionals too. They have created an excellent option for the truckers who can insert the width and height of their vehicle so they will avoid the routes which they can pass with their size.


As with the Scout, Navigation iGO works only on mobile devices so you can’t generate an offline map on your personal computer as it was with the Google Maps or Waze.


The pricing is dependant on the region which you want to use. Every region is counted as an item. The price range of the one item 0.99$ – 34.99$ so we advise you to check the region which you are interested in and see its price on your own.

Android iOS

7. Maps.me

Maps.me is a little bit different app than the previous ones. Why? Because instead of the online map which you can use whenever you want for example with the voice directions they specialise in generating offline maps with the offline driving directions. Maps.me provides the plan from the entire map and allows the user to design the routes and search for the specific places.


Also, you can search and book hotels through this fantastic driving directions map. During the driving trip, you have visited exciting places? Save them with Maps.me and back to them whenever you want. The last feature worth to mention is the information about the traffic jams so you can avoid them especially when you are in the city centre.



Maps.me is a completely free tool, so don’t hesitate and try it before you choose the driving app which fits you the most. The only commercial things you can see in the app are the advertisements, but they are not as troublesome as some in the other maps so don’t worry about it.

Android iOS

8. CoPilot

Another offline mobile navigation which will help you to get wherever you want. With the CoPilot you will receive detailed information about the traffic which you can potentially avoid during the driving. Also once you get a route, you will have available many alternatives to it so you will not be forced to use the default one suggested by the developer.


Also, the app supports the voice direction so you can entirely focus on the road while driving. You can even plan your trip if it is the longer route to the other city or a region and it will be much easier to make a smart stop to eat something or just rest for a while. It is similar to Maps.me but it has some more extended features and a little bit better design.


CoPilot provides a few different types of navigation. You can choose the navigation either for the car, truck or RV.


Of course with the better appearance and extended features, it must cost something. You also have a lot of different plans and apps to choose between for the specific regions and vehicles, so the pricing is various. The cost is 9.99$ for USA GPS for a car to 99.99$ for a truck in the UK. We advise you to check it on your own in the Android store.

Android iOS

9. Komoot

Maybe not directly the driving app, but it is a great navigation app for the road cycling, hiking, bikepacking and the mountain biking. It is another offline map which you need to download, and then you can start using it but thanks to it whenever you want to use a mountain or an asphalt road Komoot will find the most optimal route for you.


Thanks to the voice directions you don’t need to be worried about being distracted during the cycling which is not always safe especially in the mountains off-roads. Except for the bikes Komoot also provides interesting walking routes so people after work or on vacation can get some rest with a beautiful landscape.



Komoot offers various plans at different prices. There are three possibilities:

  • Single region(3.99$) – Single city trips and one-off adventures
  • Region bundle(8.99$) – Access multiple regions in one area.
  • Complete package – You can trek anywhere and everywhere you want without any limits.


Android iOS

10. TomTom

TomTom except for their excellent online maps is also known as a navigation app provider for the mobile devices. It has some basic features like the maps with routes from 150 different countries or intelligent routing to help you to choose the best way to your destination point currently.


There are also so more innovative ones like intelligent and accurate traffic information from millions of drives and the speed cameras warnings which will help you to save some money. The most exciting feature of this navigation app is the lane guidance which tells you if you are in the right lane or not so you can feel more comfortable on the road. In our opinion exciting and worth to try driving directions app especially for people who are not confident on the streets.



Every 75 km of navigation for each month is free. If you would like to have the unlimited amount of kilometres in this navigation app, you need to buy a 1-month or 1-year subscription. A 1-month subscription costs 4.99$ and 1-year expenses 17.99$ so if you are going to use it frequently the second choice will be much more profitable for you.


Mobile directions

TomTom except for their online maps which you can see on many websites and display on personal computers and laptops also provide a special navigation app for both: Android and iOS so for sure you will find a way to get their navigations if you are interested.

Android iOS

11. VZ Navigator

The next typical navigator app which in some categories is more or less extended. VZ Navigator provides the voice directions and the selector which allow you to choose one from multiple potential routes. Also to make you feel more comfortable, there are special safety features which include school zone notifications and some customizable speed limit warnings. Perfect app if you are a reasonable and responsible person who cares about the surroundings.


The app also lets the user add his favourite brands and categories to find faster the point which you are frequently visiting. Also, the VZ Navigator has a special built-in feature which shows the lowest gas prices nearby and movie theatre show times. Same goes with the weather and other things around you.


It is an intuitive and simple design which also allows you to stay safe and comfortable. Highly recommended for the drivers who care about the others and don’t want to break the speed limits.


If you would like to use the features of VZ Navigator you need to purchase a subscription which will cost you 4.99$ monthly, so it isn’t much for that excellent navigation app. Once you are not sure if the app meets your preferences you can use a 30-day trial which will allow you to use all the features for free, then you need to pay.

Android iOS

12. Sygic

Sygic is an extended navigation app which allows the user to plug in the phone with it to the car’s built-in infotainment. Thanks to it you can drive and quickly check the road on your car’s screen. If the car isn’t compatible with the Sygic or it hasn’t a screen to display the map you can use the smartphone option to get the driving directions.


As many other Sygic also offer the traffic escape to get faster to the destination point. Also, it can detect the best parking spot for you and show you the way to it. Fuel price comparison is handy during the driving trip too, thanks to it you can play when and where you should stop to refuel your car. The last nice-to-have feature is speed camera warnings so you can avoid the ticket for breaking the speed limits. An excellent and worthy choice for every driver, don’t hesitate to try this fantastic driving directions app which provides the highest quality maps.



The pricing of Sygic depends on what region you would like to have a navigation app. If it is North America(23 offline maps), the cost is 16.49$. If you would want to avoid the traffic in North America you need to pay additional 6$(22.49$). For the entire world navigation with the traffic detection you would need to pay 29.99$(195 offline maps), so the third option is worth and cheap compared to how much you receive.

Android iOS

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the comparison was useful for you, and now you know in which driving direction apps you should be interested. Some them allow you to see the driving sped, some of them talking directions to you and some has more or less extended features. Everything depends on your taste, and you should decide which one would fit your driving skills the most!

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