Best 15 Platforms to Hire a Developer in 2018

Let’s create a scenario. You are a young ambitious person who wants to start the own business. You have an idea to create an amazing booking app which will help people book everything in less than 10 seconds. You have a project, strategy and probably a limited budget. Even if you are really good developer it might be time-consuming to do everything on your own. That’s why you should hire software developers which will help you with the app and thanks to it you can focus on other things related to the project. But now the question – where to find developers? Especially with the low budget, it might be hard, but that’s why we have created a special ranking of the best places to find developers.

1. Toptal

Toptal is the most elite platform to find software developers. Only the 3% of all applicants pass the Toptal screening process which requires a really good knowledge of the English language and problem-solving abilities on the highest level.


Anyway, the theory tests look really easy compared to the practical part of the Toptal screening process. Each of the candidates is assigned to a special project which will test their actual skills. The projects are in real-world scenarios so you can be sure that the people who passed it will be available to execute every project you give to them.

Toptal also doesn’t tolerate the developers who are not totally concentrated on their work so you can be sure, that the programmer hired from Toptal will be at the highest level of focus.


Probably not the cheapest…

The quality of services can be caused by the high prices so we would recommend this website for already medium or big companies which have a much bigger budget than small startups. Of course, there is also a chance to hire a developer for the reasonable price so at least go and check it before you decide, maybe the prices will be much more attractive for you than you think.

Advantages of the Toptal

Toptal also describes the biggest advantages of their platform like short waiting time to hire a developer, no recruiting fee and very low failure rate compared to the other methods of finding a developer.


Whenever you want to hire the one person or the team of ten people who will work for you, Toptal can easily handle it if you give them enough details about your preferences.


On their website, you can also find the variety of types of developers like:

  • Front-end developers – developers who have a deep knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other front-end technologies.
  • Back-end developers – developers who have a deep knowledge of Python, Django, Java, C++, PHP, Rails programming and many other back-end technologies which you can imagine.
  • Quality Assurance – People who specialize in PHPUnit, Selenium, Cucumber and many other similar technologies.
  • Designers – People who are acknowledged with the UI, UX, Visual and other designer technologies.
  • Finance Experts – People who will make a special analysis for your business, and many other things like the market research.
  • Project managers – People who will lead your projects, you can find there digital, technical and many other managers.

The availability is also a good thing, all the talents from Toptal can work remotely so you don’t even need an office if you don’t hire people in the physical place.



Toptal is one of the most professional and effective developer’s platform which will help you to boost your business projects and improve your startups or already medium or big companies. If you want to find programmers this place is a must for you to check.

2. UPWork

UpWork is a place not only for the developers. You can find there a lot of many freelancers who specialize in various fields. Of course, we are going to describe the UpWork in case of hiring developers but we had to mention how many categories does this website have.


UpWork offers many freelancers with the other prices so you can find a cheap software developer who has the less experience or the more expensive one who already have enough experience to do everything on his own without any problems. That’s why this platform might be perfect if you want to find a programmer for your startup. To browse potential developers for your project you need to choose the category which will meet your preferences. To show the entire process we will choose the “game development” category.


A nice thing with the UpWork is that you can see potential developers who you are going to hire, their per hour price, how much they earned already and the percent of the Job Success which is given by the clients, so you can have a reliable review of how competent the person is.


Post a job

Registering on a website is really comfortable and already at the beginning you choose if you want to hire a developer or to work as a freelancer. We are still in the scenario of a young ambitious person who wants to create an own startup so let’s hire someone.


Also, there will be a question about how many people do you already hire.


After registering, it is time to find a coder. To post the job at the beginning you need to create a title of it and set the category.


The next step is the description of the job for which you want to hire the developers.


Set the details of your project so the developer which you find will know on what stage of the what stage of the project you are.


Then choose the most important skills for you so the person who is going to apply will know what abilities do you expect from the developer you want to hire.


UpWork gives too a possibility to choose if you want to hire a person from your region or if it doesn’t matter. Good option If e.g I would like to hire software developers near me so they can actually meet with me.


You can also choose the visibility of your post so not everyone will see your post if you don’t want to show them to the specific community.


The last step is a budget. You can choose to pay by the hour to your freelancer or pay a fixed price if you have only a one-time project. Really comfortable option for all the startups. There is also a possibility to choose the level of experience your freelancer should have and to set how long will take your project.

Now you just have to post the job and everything is done, the freelancers should sign for your project or you just can choose one from the list which you have seen before.


UpWork is a really comfortable platform to hire new people. You can see everyone’s portfolio, job experience and most important – their price. You can also easily post your job and wait for the applicants. The good thing is that the UpWork has a lot of various kinds of the services, not only development ones. Perfect place for the people who just start their business and are looking for developers to boost their projects. UpWork is a great marketplace for the freelancers but remember that they are not screening people like Toptal so you should be more careful with that who you hire.


X-Team is a place where you can find many skilled frontend developers who might join your project. As Toptal they put much effort into developers recruitment so probably once you hire a person from the X-Team, it will be a good choice. The only disadvantage of the X-Team is that you can’t really hire the single developer from the team because most of the time they are working as a team of few people. So the X-team is the best choice for the projects which require a team of people who know how to code.


As their FAQ says there are not any junior level positions in their team, so you can also expect that the prices of hiring them will be not low. But once you want to have an experienced team of the frontend developers who developed many websites already, it is a great choice to choose the X-team. Let’s try to hire them.

At the beginning as always, you need to insert your name, email and company name to start the hiring process.


Then you have a possibility to hire an individual developer or build a team of the developers who you would like to see in your project. There is also a get to know option, where you can ask about the details about which you are not sure.


For example, I have chosen the “Build team of the developers” and now we have to choose for how long we would like to hire our frontend developer. Let’s choose 1-3 months. Then you choose how soon you want the team to be available for your project.


Finally, they ask you about the skill requirement of the developers, so they can choose the right people for your project.


After all these steps you should be done a see the summary which you can send or not.


Pretty simple and comfortable form, but what can you expect from the people who are the frontend specialists.


X-Team is a team of the frontend developers who are really worth to hire. They are strict with the people who they take and their average test time takes around 1-3 weeks so for sure they a trustworthy hiring place. The only question is if your budget will allow you to hire developers like them.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is probably the biggest freelancer marketplace with almost 30 million users! After seeing that number now you must be sure that there must be a lot of good developers to hire and you are right…partly. Freelancer let you find a software developer, software engineer and many more BUT you must be really careful because users of the Freelancers are not really tested like on Toptal or X-team that’s why there are many of them.


Of course, there are a lot of good ones but always remember to check the rating of people and their portfolio – it is the best way to see if the person can do something or not. So remember to choose only people who have done already a project similar to yours or who have some experience. Freelancer is also a good place if you don’t have a big budget and you would like to hire cheap programmers who are trying to be noticeable because of their price because as you can predict it is hard to be visible among other 28 million of people…


Post a Project

Posting a project on Freelancer is pretty easy, at first, enter the name of your project e.g “Registration Form in PHP”. In the description, you should type that you want to find PHP developers to create a unique registration form for your website.

The form of Freelancer is really comfortable based on the description and title of my project they already suggested me the required skills for this exercise.


Now there is a pretty interesting choice to make. You can just post a project and pay the fixed price for it when it is correctly done, or just pay by the worked hours. That’s the first option which is less interesting one in my opinion.


The second option is starting a contest where you post the prize. The biggest prize pool the more entries your project might get. Thanks to it people will be offering you various options for various amount of money and then you can choose the most competitive one. Really interesting option to have especially with the visual designs as the creators of freelancer said.


When you confirm the contest choice there will be some additional properties to set and then you are done with the project.



Freelancer looks like really interesting option especially to people who just start their journey with the business and would like to find software developers, not for a really expensive price. If you would like to find expensive professionalists who will code your project you probably should choose the Toptal or X-Team. Anyway, the Freelancer is a great alternative especially when you have a single and small project to do.

5. People per hour

People per hour is another marketplace like UPWork where you can choose the freelancer who you want to hire thanks to the list called hourlies. Hourlies allow the freelancers to post their own offers toward the potential customers. There is also a classic listing where the customer wants something to be coded and the freelancers send a proposal.


On the screen above you can notice offers from the WordPress developers, but you can find there anyone you want. Now let’s check the other side – the jobs. People who want to have something done should list the task which is displayed on a big listing with the price next to the title. As with the majority of marketplaces, you can set the fixed price or price per hour.


Then click on the job which you are interested in and just send a proposal. It is really comfortable and easy way to send your offer.


Post a Job

If you are running your own project and you want to hire developer it is one of the best ways to find one. Also listing the job on People per hour isn’t really hard. At first, set the title and categories of your job then insert the description of the problem. Try to describe it as much as you can so more people will easily know if they have enough abilities to complete the task or not. Additionally, there is a possibility to upload a sample or other helpful materials for even deeper description.


Once you add the most basic information about the job now choose the work type, the currency and the budget(optional) which you are going to spend on a task. The last thing to set is an experience level you expect from the developer.

There are 3 different levels:

  • Entry – Freelancers with low rates and the lowest experience.
  • Intermediate – Freelancer with average rates and experience.
  • Expert – Freelancers with the higher rated and more experience.

After all, those steps just press the “Post Job” button and you will notice your job on the listing soon. Sounds easy yes? Post a job, find coder, complete a project and that’s all.


People per hour is really simple and worth marketplace to check when you are looking for various software developers to hire. Thanks to the 3 different levels of experience it is much easier to choose the person you need. Also, remember the higher level, the more probably you need to pay but if the project is completed it should be worth every price(of course if it generates you money).

6. like Toptal is an elite place where you can hire the best software developers who passed really hard screening tests. So if you are going to run a really important project which must be executed perfectly might be a good choice.

As the developers of the website describe first the schedule a short meeting with you to get the basic information about you, your company and the project. Then they choose the software developers which will fit the project at the most and after it, they just start working. The communication with them is also easy because they create a special Slack channel on which you can communicate everytime they work.


About the Project

When you are interested in the offer of the software developers you need to fill in the basic information about you like first name, last name and the email. Then as with almost every freelancer platform you need to deeply describe your needs and the projects, so the developers can see how many resources and people they would need to use need to use.


In the second part of the form they ask about how much money do you spend on product and engineering each year and how did you hear about them. Then click the button and the form will be sent. developers should contact you soon.


The is an elite when it comes to the freelancers so we suggest this solution only to the big companies with high budget or to the small and medium startups but with a really important project which can’t be messed up. They are trustworthy and we can already tell you that your project will be done as good as it possibly can be.

7. Gigster

Gigster is a small platform which offers development services but it is one of the most professional places for freelancers which I ever saw. There are over 400 software developers available for you who will execute your project properly. Since the Gigster is also an elite place with really experienced developers after good universities the price can’t be low. I would rather suggest this place for people who have already a nice budget and really important project which can’t be really delayed.


As a proof that they are professionalists just look at their recruitment process of the developer.


They are asking about everything – your current employer, the title, universities attended, fields of study and the experience with the projects.


There are so many questions about the technologies you know, the roles which you would like to have on the team and the industries in which you were working. I’m pretty sure that people who have passed the entire form and then the screening test must be one of the best professionals.


Ask for a project

To ask Gigster for a project you need to contact their human through the call, chat, meeting or an email. If you don’t like this option there is one more – GigBot. It is a special bot on a Gigster website to which you can also submit your project and type about the details.


Probably you should get an answer on the same or the next day between 9 am to 5 pm PST time. So there isn’t really a special form like with the most of freelancer communities but it also shows that they care about the customer needs.


Whenever you need to find a python developer, PHP developer, javascript developer or every other technology developer you will find them on a Gigster website. They have the software developers who cover almost every programming language you can imagine, that’s why it is worth to trust them. Remember if you have a really good budget and expect the highest quality, now you know where to find developers.

8. Guru

Guru is one of the most popular marketplaces for freelancers. You can find there over 400 000 software developers who might work on your project.


Find a guru

Of course, you can find there many other categories but we focus on how to find a developer. A good thing is that you can even see how much money people have earned yearly because it is also an indicator when you choose the person for your project. The more developer earned the more experience and the already executed projects he has. You have also a possibility to filter freelancers by the categories like PHP, HTML, SQL, MYSQL, etc. so you can fast and easily find the person which you are looking for.


Find a job

If you don’t really want to be bothered with looking for a person which might do your project properly you can just list a job where you describe your project and the software developers just apply to your job. Posting a job is a way easier filter where you can check only a few people instead of hundreds of people and choose the person or people who meet your preferences.


Post a job

At first, you need to register and choose if you want to hire people or to work for them. In our case, we will hire someone and post a job.


Now, when we are registered it’s time to post our project! It is pretty easy to do it with Guru, you just need to type what work needs to be done and then the description of a project.


Then choose the category(we are looking for a developer so Programming & Dev), set the keywords and decide if you want to limit the job to the specific location.


The last step and of course the most important for us and the software developers is money which we can spend on the task. You have a possibility to set the fixed price for the entire work at once, or just to pay hourly – the choice is yours. Guru also allows choosing if you want to make your task visible in the Google or only on their website. Posting a job is totally free but if you would like to make your job more visible you can do it for 30$.



Overall the Guru platform is great if you want to find the developers for your project and it is also completely free(if it comes to posting a job). I would recommend it for the small or medium businesses who have projects which aren’t that important but can boost the sales. There are many experienced and talented software developers so for sure you will find there someone who can solve your problems.


Recently we were mostly typing about the PHP, Python or HTML developers, but didn’t really mention much about the CMS developers. WP Hired is probably the best marketplace to post a job if you are looking for the WordPress developer. You can also post your job for free so you only have to spend your money on the WordPress coder. The only disadvantage of this website is that the WordPress developers can’t really offer themselves, you can only offer a job and people need to apply for it.


Post a Job

Posting a job on WP Hired on other developer marketplaces is pretty simple. Fill the:

  • Email – for contact.
  • Job title – the person will know what service do you need without reading more about your job.
  • Location – Doesn’t really matter in our case, but if you need you can optionally insert.
  • Application Email/URL – Address to which WordPress developers can apply.
  • Job Region – Choose your region.
  • Job type – Specify if the job is full-time, temporary or if it is an internship. In our case, it is the temporary job.


  • Job category – You need to choose the category which fits your project the most, so it will be easier to filter by your potential WordPress freelance developers.


  • Description – describe your job as good as you know so the WordPress developers will know if they can execute your project or if they should look for other jobs.

After you fill the basic information, there is also a company information to insert but the majority of the fields is optionally so it is not really worth to type about it.


Once you are done, post your job and just wait for new applicants to sign for your project. Remember to choose them wisely because WP Hired is not really screening the freelancers.


WP Hired is an awesome marketplace to look for a job related to the WordPress CMS and to look for talented WordPress developers. I would recommend this website for the small projects or if you want to find someone for the full-time job because as I mentioned it before there is no screening test for people who apply, so you need to test them on your own. It isn’t a really good solution for big and really important tasks.

10. Linkedin

Probably I don’t have to introduce you the Linkedin platform to any of you especially if you are working online. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) platform for workers online. You can sign-up on LinkedIn for free and create your own network by connecting with people you know or with the people from the same industry.


There are also many social groups where you can get the knowledge or find the interesting people but let’s focus on recruiting a software developer. Thanks to the popularity of the platform finding a freelancer or even a new person to work is not really hard, the best way to do it, is to have some connections so actually more people can notice your job post or a project which you want to start.

Post a job

To post a job on Linkedin you need to go to the work section and choose a “Post a job” feature. After you choose your company on Linkedin you will be redirected to a big form which you have to fill to recruit the freelance developers or the developers who are willing to change their job.


You have to select the job functions e.g Engineering, company industry and the seniority level of the person who you want to hire. Also, there is one more list to define – employment type.

Employment types on the Linkedin:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Contract
  • Temporary
  • Volunteer
  • Internship

The last important thing to fill is a description which will tell the potential hired developer what do you expect from him, and what needs to be done.

The next step is adding skills which you do require and the level of experience which you expect from the potential worker. Eventually, you can also add what level of education the person must have.


The Linkedin job posting isn’t free so you have to also set a budget for the ads to reach the potential developer. It might really help you for a small cost so it isn’t really a that bad option.


After you confirm the budget you will be redirected to the checkout page and posting a job is pretty much done.


Linkedin is a really good platform to hire new people because every online worker should have an account here. The networking and connections are really important nowadays. The only disadvantage of the LinkedIn is that you need to pay for your post ads even if you don’t want to (at least without a premium account). We highly recommend looking for people there because there are many specialists and the posting doesn’t really cost that much.

11. Fiverr

Fiverr is another platform where you can find a freelance software developer for your project or business. The idea of Fiverr was to start the prices of every project at 5$ but it isn’t a mandatory rule now. Everyone can list their services starting at whatever price they want.


You can find there many freelancers from many categories but we will look into Programming and & tech one to find a good developer for our project. The only problem is that you can’t really post your own job, you need to find the programmer which will solve your problem and then you can hire him. It is a little troublesome but Fiverr is still worth to mention as they
have really nice filters which might help you to find the proper person really fast.


A great thing on this marketplace is that the developer offers 3 other packages with more or less advanced services so you can also already see how much it would cost you.



Fiver is a nice platform where you can find the software developer service but not really if you want to hire someone for the longer matter of time. It is like one-time service and then you say goodbye to each other. It might be good if you have any small issues with your project or application but if you are looking for longer partnership you should look for another freelancer website.

12. Twago

Another interesting and relatively small (but growing) platform for freelancer developers is Twago. You can find there over 265,000 programmers who might help you to execute your project. The number of already posted project on this website is over 130,000 and the number every day is bigger and bigger.


Twago allows you to check the list of the developers on your own and to request his services if you are interested but if you don’t want to be bothered with searching for a right software developer just post your own project for free!

Post a project

Of course, you need to register to post your own project, then the first step is setting a title for your project so the developers who will be checking the projects will be already oriented what programming language or other service do you need. Let’s say we will look for a freelance javascript programmer.


The next step is choosing the category of our project – still looks pretty simple.


As with almost every project you need to set the budget and the fixed or hourly price for the developer’s work.


The last step, of course, is a description where you describe the aim of your project and what you want to fix, create or add it is the most important field as the developer will know what can he expect and think if he is capable of doing your project. There is also a possibility to add files with some samples or examples to deeper understand the project.


Twago has a really friendly politics which let you get the money back if you don’t find the proper freelancer for your project. In my opinion, something like that might encourage many people to post the projects on their website.



Twago platform looks really promising and If I was a person who is looking for a freelancer developer I would post my project on Twago too because it is simple and friendly. Also posting the project doesn’t cost you anything so you have nothing to lose, especially when they refund your money if you don’t find the proper developer who can handle your project.

13. Giggrabbers

Giggrabbers is a really interesting platform where you can find a software developer. You might ask us – why? Because even if you have an idea for the project, but not really the money to hire the freelancers there is a possibility to raise the funds for the project. Really good opportunity especially for small businesses which might have problems with the budget.


The registration is really interesting and unique compared to the other platforms. Check it out on a GIF below.


After this, there will come a normal registration form where you have to insert your new account information. If you don’t like posting a project there is a possibility to check the list of the developers and find one who matches you the most, but in my opinion, it might take and waste more time than just posting a project especially when it is free.


Post a Job

After the registration, you will be redirected to the project details. At first, you need to describe your project as always so the developers will know what do you expect from them. The next thing is to set your own budget which you can spend as a fixed payment or an hourly payment.


As another step, you set the title of the project, its category and the date when the freelancer should begin his work.


If you want to make your project more visible to the others you can let the Giggrabbers people promote it but then you need to pay 50$. A nice option is that if you are not satisfied with the results they will refund you the money.


The last step is just summarising your data and then posting the project which will be listed on the Giggrabbers website, so your potential hired developers will see it and decide if they can handle your task.


Overall Giggrabbers is a great platform to look for new freelance developers. As the only freelancer website it lets you to raise funds for your own project if you don’t have a big budget. That’s why I would recommend Giggrabbers to the small and medium businesses who are looking for a reasonable price for the developer services.

14. We work remotely

As its name says we work remotely mostly helps you to find the developers who are not restricted by the specific geographic area, because every freelancer works on this website remotely. It works as a classic platform to hire developers where you post the project which you want to be done and it is listed on a special listing which is parted into various categories. The website is visited over 150,000 times during one month so you can be sure, that with this platform there will be someone who can do your job.


Worth to mention is that to post a job on We work remotely you need to pay a subscription which charge you for 299$ for a month. It is a little bit expensive especially for the people who are starting their business.


Post a job

Once you click the big red button you will be redirected to the form which allows you to post your job on the We work remotely. Of course at the beginning you type the job title e.g “WANTED: Python developer” then you choose the category of the project like copywriting, programming etc. Even if it is a remote platform, you need to type where your headquarters are located(region is optional).


The next step is a description which is very important for the freelancer developer because without it he doesn’t know if he is capable for the job or not. After the description you need to give some contact information for your potential new developers.


The last step is to give an information about your company and its mission. It is really important because if you type about some values which are important for you, people with the same values will be more eager to apply.


If you want to make your post even more visible you need to pay additional 49$. Thanks to it your post will be highlighted. After you choose the options which interest you at the most and move to the another step on a website you will notice a preview of your post.


Then you need to pay for the post and it will be listed on their board. Sounds simple yes?


We work remotely is a really big community where you can hire the developers who will help you effectively with your project but at least in my opinion the platform is charging too much for things like posting a job and ads. Of course there is no problem with that for medium and big companies, but if you are a small entrepreneur you should to look for another place.

15. Truelancer

If you want to hire a developer online the Truelancer is also a good option. Maybe it isn’t really different from the other marketplaces but as I’ve noticed the prices of freelancers to hire on this website are really low compared to the others. It might be especially good for the small businesses and startups which can’t really afford online experts for e.g 30-40$ per hour. With the truelancer you have a possibility to post your job or to find a developer on a special listings.


There are not really many categories to filter people but luckily almost all of them are related to the programming. Remember always to check the reviews of the found developers so you will notice if he is delivering his services on time, doing the job properly, etc.

Post a project

With the Truelancer you can post your project for free. At first you choose the category of your project and then you type about what service do you need to complete your project. There are two fields – one for title and one for the description, they are the most important ones because thanks to it the freelancer might easily know if he is capable of the work or not. In case of the Truelancer project we will look for a WordPress expert. Except the description and title there is also a field where you specify what skills do you require from the freelancer.


Of course as with every project you select the payment type(hourly or fixed) and how much you can spend for the developer’s services.

Posting is totally free on Truelancer but if you would like to make your project more visible, you can do it for money. There are 5 different options which might boost your project and you can buy them separately or all at once. Whenever you are done with the payments the posting is done and your project should be submitted soon to the listing.



Truelancer is nice to have option if you are looking for cheap developers who also have some experience and you don’t have to pay for posting the job. Especially good for small startups who can’t really afford a big budget to hire the best developers, so if you have a small project which need to be done Truelancer is a prefect place to look for some experts.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the comparison will help you to find the right software developers for your projects or businesses. We have listed there some elite platforms like Toptal or and some more common ones like Guru or Freelancer so probably you found there everything you wanted. Nowadays there are more and more freelancer developers so it isn’t really hard to hire some professionalists, the only thing you need to do it is a proper platform and the money.

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