Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins (Free & Paid) 2018 Edition

Recently, there have been created many Google Maps plugins, which you can use in a lot of different ways. For example, if you want to start your own business, this can be a great solution for you – at the start of your economic activity, there might be some problems with your recognition. At the very beginning, there may be a situation where a lot of people won’t know the location of your office, but for the difference, they may need some kind of products which your company provides. The first thing which they are going to do is search for the stuff that they need (by internet), and then check the nearest point to get that what they want. So if you want to properly develop your business, first of all, you have to show the customer, how can he get into your office and we have found a solution for you – Google Maps plugin. By using it, you can easily mark, where they can find your business activity location. That’s why for the sake of your comfort, we have compared top 10 best free and paid WordPress Google Maps plugins.

TOP 10 Free Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

1. Nearplace


Nearplace is the best Google Map alternative for WordPress plugins, which offers many features which for sure, will help your client get to the door of your store. This special locator with the function of showing multiple locations of the maps has 4 primary sections, which it follows to make your world more simple and faster in a move. It offers a really nice graphic design and clearly to see map with many functions (like adding multiple business locations to Google Maps) which allows you to make a big impression on your consumer. Why is this place locator free? As the developer says, Nearplace is free because of the many non-functional locators at a lot of websites, which are causing that, local stores are losing their clients. Nearplace is only here, because of your comfort of usage, and it’s still improving to satisfy you and your consumers.



As we said earlier, Nearplace has 4 primary sections, which it follows to make it more satisfying from the usage of it, work faster and make your client be closer to your stores.

These sections are divided on:

  • Launcher – It has 2 types: widget and on-page. Both of them are having really great graphic design and the difference between them is that the widget show up every page, and on-page show up on only one subpage.
  • Place Listing – It shows the nearest place you are looking for, and highlight information about it.
  • Place Page – Clearly to see, dedicated to shows important pieces of information about your place (like up to date news, open hours etc.).
  •  Add-ons – It allows you to create your own custom locator by adding:
    • Contacts – For each place, you can create your own simple contacts (you can add information like telephone number, email etc.).
    • Departments for contacts – For each contact, you can manage sections.
     Place types – You can mark each store and add information about the type of the store you own (franchising etc.).



In our opinion, Nearplace is one of the best locators, which you can include on your website. Thanks to it you can create something, that will make your business activity, to grow up in a short matter of time. Nearplace beside all its nice features is offering private and safe Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), so you don’t have to worry about your safety. If you are really looking for a professional map builder, you came to the right place – Nearplace.



2. WP Google Map


WP Google Map is one of the easiest plugins with the function of adding multiple locations on your map, which might be set for free on your website. The users are really enjoying this product developed by Srmilon, it can be proved by an average rating of 4.9 stars of 5 possible. For now, it has been downloaded over 200 000 times and has more than 30 000 active installations – which is a really great score for the free plugin. Worth to mention is that the last update was 2 weeks ago, what shows that the developers are still active are focused on upgrading the plugin.



WP Google Map made by Srmilon is a user-friendly plugin, that allows you to use a shortcode in a post or the single page. It is very helpful when you have to add a custom map on your website, because it automatically identifies Google Map multiple locations, which makes that, you will easily find out where you are, and it let you being supported by the map on your way to the right direction. Also, the plugin is really well developed, one of the customizable parts is that you can change latitude, and longitude on the easiest way – it can be used only by dragging the marker.



The plugin allows you to create a custom mark, thanks to which, you can show whatever place you want – the destination of this plugin doesn’t have to be only for showing the location of your business activity, it also can be used for planning your travel on your blog. We are thinking that developers did a good job and a plugin has been well improved. If you want to exactly mark the place on Google Map, this plugin is for you.


3. Simple Google Map


Simple Google Map as the name indicates is a very simple plugin, which gives you not so many features, but it has everything the potential customer needs in a quite nice way. The latest update of the plugin took a place 1 year ago, so it might show, that 4.2 can be the last, finished version of Simple Google Map, but it doesn’t mean that this plugin is not popular anymore. The total number of downloads has reached over 130 000, and more than 10 000 active installations.


Simple Google Map for the difference has something, that some of the other plugins don’t have. It gives you some real possibility to work easier. Simple Google Map let you insert a Google map into your posts and web pages without any difficulty. It also, allows you to add multiple business locations to Google Maps. The plugin doesn’t have to use API key, to reach that goal. Using that plugin, you can only insert one map each page, but it’s not, a disadvantage because it gives you a way to create a nice themed site without too many information – what’s make your website more clearly to understand.



Simple Google Map is a basic WordPress location map plugin, which can be used by everyone without any problems. Developers did a nice job giving us a not hard way to insert Google Map at any single post, site or widgetized sidebar, so there is no chance, not to find out how it nice works. It’s just “Simple”!



4. Flexible Map


Flexible Map is a very professional WordPress map plugin, which was created for many people, what proves that it’s currently made in 11 different translations. The plugin has a rating on a really high level because from 64 reviews, the average is on 4.9 points of 5 possibly. The latest update which was 4 weeks ago, are showing us, that they are still improving their project. Many people appreciate that, and it is confirmed by more than 20 000 active installations from around 250 000 downloads of WebAware product.



Flexible Map which is one of the best WordPress mapping plugins which are using shortcodes which allows adding Google Maps in a simple way to your website built on WordPress. The plugin is really not hard to administrate. It has a lot of features which are causing, that showing the way to our destiny location is way simpler. To options of WebAware product, include:

  • Support for:
    • Responsive design
    • Adding multiple maps on a web pages or posts
  • 3 different ways of loading a map by:
    • URL to a Google Earth KML file
    • Center coordinates
    • Street address
  • Optional info window:
    • Description
    • Direction links
  • Many others



WebAware WordPress map plugin gives us a lot of features which can help our client to find an easy way to the place he was looking for. There are not so many developers which support their product on that level, that they make so many translations for the sake of their users’ comfort. Flexible Map is working really nice, it gives us a lot of possibilities to improve our business from the side of clients.


5. Basic Google Maps Placemarks


Basic Google Maps Placemarks made by Ian Dunn, is a basic plugin for Google Map. It allows you to create a custom post type for map markers made by Google. This WordPress mapping plugin has been translated into 7 different languages, what proves that the developers are still trying to improve. Currently, this map plugin for WordPress has been downloaded for about 180 000 times and has more than 10 000 active installations. The latest version of the plugin is 1.10.7 and it was updated more than 1 year ago, but as long as a plugin still supports the current version of WordPress you can use it without any problems.



BGMP is using shortcodes, which can be added to your pages and posts with Google Map. This Google Maps WordPress plugin gives you a possibility to create your own custom post, which you can add to any place on the map – what is a really great idea because u can prepare a well-planned tour or other stuff. In Basic Google Maps Placemarks, there is a quite nice UI – the developers tried to create well-looking map more good looking and gave us an option to point on the map a place, with a unique icon marker (but there is still the default one). We can set up a unique map on different web pages with various markers, locations, and map types. The plugin is compatible with WordPress MultiSite and the is using HTML, images and the other stuff inside the information window.



Developers did a really good looking Google Map plugin, with a nice improved UI, which is really comfortable to use. The plugin has a really good average of opinions (4.4 on 5 possibly from 50 reviews), what points that, users are satisfied using it. If you are looking for something that will give you quite many options to let your web pages, which are using Google Maps, look more attractive, this plugin is for you.


6. Ank Google Map


Ank Google Map, as its developer describes, is non-bloated and light weighted. It is a really basic WordPress plugin map with pins, which has been written only in javascript, without any part of other programming languages. The product of Ankur Kumar has been downloaded for about 50 000 times and currently, more than 10 000 users, have it actively installed.



Ank Google Map is responsive and configurable map plugin for WordPress without any advertisements. It has a lot of highlight features which are granting satisfaction of using it on a high level.

The plugin is giving us a lot of features, like:

  • Add own icon/image file or animated and colourful marker,
  • Place information window on a marker (it can have custom text or markup),
  • Responsive auto center map upon resize,
  • Find your location by typing address,
  • Many others.



The plugin is not hard to use. Ankur Kumar product has a lot of useful options which you can use to better navigate your customer to the destiny point. Through its multiple various possibilities, you can show your location in a really nice way on many devices (because of the responsive map). Ank Google Map is just well built and convenient what shows the rating of 19 reviews (4.9/5).



7. Very Simple Google Maps

Very Simple Google Maps as the name indicates, is a very simple WordPress map plugin included on Google Maps. It offers a basic way to add the shortcode to website and posts. The developer of the plugin, Michael Aronoff, is still improving it, what proves the latest version is 2.8.4, which has been updated more than 3 months ago and currently has more than 4 000 active installations.



The single developer of VSGM has placed short built highlight features, which totally define a plugin. There is an option which allows you to style it with CSS and gives you the possibility add an option to link your map marker to your Google business listing directly (what will make that, your business name will be showed). The plugin has no admin settings, so the use of Very Simple Google Maps is very easy because you don’t have to mess with it in any hard way.



The Google Map plugin with an easy feature will make your work easier, it’s just very simple to use because of no admin settings or no trouble shortcodes. Very Simple Google Maps can be satisfying to work with, it grants non-problematic possibilities – what can show the average of 13 opinions on 4.9 points of 5 possibly.


8. Map Me


Map Me allows you to see the world in new better colours, this responsive WordPress plugin is giving you a chance to impress your client with multiple locations on the map (a single one, can have different markers). That can be one of the reasons, why its average rating is at 4.5 points on 5 possibly (which was set up from 9 reviews). The plugin already has more than 2 000 active installations, what is a great score for 18 000 downloads.



Map me offers a lot of well-built elements. The developer allows you by this WordPress plugin map, to point the way in a really easy way. The automatic geolocation will not let you make a mistake at showing your potential customer the nearest point of your office. The UI is quite nice, because of 25 different map themes, which you can set for your own preferences to better style up Google Map (what effect on better perceived by consumers). Map me, can be displayed on many various devices because of its responsiveness, which can be really useful. Also, you can style up your marker in a quite interesting way (markers can have a unique icon and you may add to them some animations) and you can add info windows with details about the location, so your own markers on the map can be more attractive to the potential user.



Map me made by Marin Matosevic, is another free WordPress plugin, which allows you to add on your Google Map many kinds of custom marks, which can affect quite nice on your customers. The plugin is easily showing the way to your own added location can only add some brightness to your website, by the additional information you can make some miracles and if you are really like to impress your customers with the graphic, this plugin is for you.



9. Leaflet Map


Leaflet Map is an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Developers of this plugin, are focused on its activities involving, they clearly said that they want to create the best mapping library. It can be proved by the latest update, which was more than 3 months ago, and gave us the 2.11.0 version of the plugin.



The plugin has a big goal to reach. Developers to make the best mapping library, have done many features which can be very useful for your customers. To features of the plugin, belongs to many various kinds of information:

  • Visual:
    • Nice default design
    • Zoom and pan animation
    • Retina resolution support
  • Interaction:
    • Scroll wheel zoom
    • Marker dragging
    • Zoom to area
    • Keyboard navigation
  • Performance:
    • Smooth as native apps feeling made by hardware acceleration
    • Modular build of the system
    • Tap delay eliminated from the mobiles

• Custom map projects
• Markers based on HTML and images



Leaflet Map developed by Vladimir Agafonkin of Mapbox, is really good looking WordPress map plugin, which may improve on a high level the graphics side of Google Map used on your website. Currently, it has more than 2 000 active installations on around 25 000 downloads and its rank is still getting up higher. Us and other 11 people who did reviews (and setting an average of rating to the 5/5 point), can tell you that, this is a really nice plugin for you if you want to have some good looking Google Map on your website.


10. Novo-Map


Novo-map is another free WordPress locations map plugin, which offers to show an easy way to get to the destination point. The plugin made by Novo-media, present a new, simpler option to locate your own place. It has been downloaded for more than 2 500 times and has around 700 active installations, what show that the people are satisfied with using it. The latest version of this plugin is 1.0.4 which came to live more than 4 months ago.



Novo-Map offers special user-friendly solutions. By using this simple plugin, you can really improve your function on Google Map on your website. Novo-map has some features which make your client get easier to the doors of your location. The plugin has included many highlight features, like:

  • Displaying your featured images and posts descriptions in infoboxes,
  • Customizing your own markers,
  • Filtering the posts with categories or tags you want to display on a map,
  • Easily geolocating your posts or pages.



Novo-Map is a quite nice plugin for WordPress, which offer a new nice way for the graphics side of Google Map. The custom possibilities which made Novo-Media, are doing a great job. It is another good way to show your client, that you care about him by offering this very modern solution (which is rated at 5/5 by 11 users).



TOP 10 Premium Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

1. Nearplace


Nearplace is one of the best, if not the best Google Map plugin with multiple locations. This great alternative for Google Maps plugins is offering many features, which are very necessary at the market of consumers. Nearplace is available in 2 forms – free and premium. The free version offers basics functions, but the professional one grants you a lot of great solutions ( for really requiring people) which you can use, to increase your business turnover.



There are many features which by the proper usage, are granting you very nice effects in more clients. Nearplace has been created with a thought about everyone, that’s why he is that intuitive.

To the highlight features which Nearplace follow, belongs:

  • Type of launching – You can launch Nearplace in form of widgets or on-page. The difference between them is that the widget is showing up on every page, and the on-page type is only placed on one subpage.
  • Profile of place – You can set there important information about your store.
  • Place filter – You can view whatever nearest place, you want to get in.
  • Add-ons – You can set your own custom settings by adding:
    • News and Promotions – You can manage your most highlighted news without any problem.
    • Custom Hours – You can add information about your opening hours for one or all your places.
    • Product Availability – You can set information about the availability of the product in each store.
    • Service Availability – If you have any services to offer, you can set information about them in any place you offer them.
    • Place Logo – You can manage your logo for each place by adding it to your addons
    • Place Cover Photo – By adding it, you can make your customer’s way much easier.
    • Additional Information – You can set your information about wi-fi and other stuff to each place if you want.



In our opinion, Nearplace is the greatest locator with multiple maps, you can get. This best WordPress map plugin offers many kinds of stuff, which will only make your customer’s life easy. Right now he can get whenever he wants to the nearest available store without any problems. As the development says, premium accounts cost only 1 or 2 Espresso for 1 place, but it’s still more worthy. If you want to check out this locator, you can try the free version and if you will like it, you can buy premium account up to 50 places (more are too available) for only 24$ per month!



2. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is one of the best Google Map plugins for WordPress, which you can use, to navigate your customers, to the destination point. This plugin has been downloaded more than around 5 000 000 times and has more than 400 000 active installations. WP Google Maps which was made by WP Google Maps is really not difficult to deal with. Its simple UI will let you an easy way to find out, how to use it – what is really important for the customers (people often are guided by their own instinct).



WP Google Maps plugin has available 2 version – free and paid one, each one is different than the other, but truly are making their job. Professional edition has a lot of functional options which are giving us a massive amount of solutions for making it easy to get to the destination point.

Professional edition features:

  • Custom markers with possibilities of adding to it: descriptions, links, images, categories, filters – which can show multiple business locations,
  • Create multiple map mashups,
  • Allow users to see the start or end point of destination on the map,
  • Show your visitor’s location on the map,
  • Allow you to change the default Google Map info window to your own,
  • Link fusion tables to your Google Maps,
  • Many others.



WP Google maps plugin not only make our site look better, but it gives us a real chance to get more consumers. With its friendly environment, many kinds of possibility and nice design, WP maps plugin is hitting expectations one of even the most demanding consumers. What proves the number of 1553 reviews and gives the score of 4.7/5 rating.


3. WP Google Map Plugin


WP Google Map Plugin made by Flippercode, is a WordPress plugin map which allows you to create in the easy way a Google Maps shortcodes to display on any devices (because of its responsiveness) by adding it to maps on pages, widgets and custom templates. The plugin is still improving, what we can see by just looking at the date of last update (which was 1 month ago and gave us 4.0.6 version) and download history – all-time count, gives the number of 797 000 downloads which is supported by more than 100 000 active installations.



WP Google Map Plugin has a well-builded plugin. Developers have added to it, many complicated options (but still user-friendly) which are really helpful. The plugin has a very massive amount of options which allows you to customize it in your own way. You can decide what is most important for you and just check in options what do you want to display. In this plugin, you can add your own icon markers, info windows, skins, geolocation and display things like physical maps (based on terrain information), Google Earth satellite images, unlimited shapes, and posts or pages on Google Maps using custom fields. Also by using WPGMP, you can check direction and route suggestions and see results in KM and MILES.



WP Google Map Plugin has been created to give your client a comfort coming from using the plugin on your site. In our opinion, a plugin is having many various options which are able to help you in own different way to create a friendly and interesting environment. It can be proved by just looking on average of ratings. WPGMP is having already 92 reviews, what gives the amount of 4.2 points from 5 possible. We think that this is a really great plugin with massive design and functionality options. WP Google Map Plugin has a free lite version, so you can check it now on your own without any problems.


4. Google Maps Widget


Google Maps Widget is another WordPress mapping plugin, which allows you to use Google Maps faster and angerless. As the developers said, GMW will give you perfect map with a thumbnail & lightbox in minutes, because of their plugin which was created to be bugless and fast to check. This map plugin for WordPress has been translated into 8 different languages and has about 1.6 million downloads with more than 100 000 active installations. The plugin is still actively updating – the last one was about 3 weeks ago.



There has been used a lot of features which have been created to make the way to our location more easier. There has been added a lot of options which have the real possibility to make Google Map look more interesting and helpful.

Features used in Thumbnail Google Map:

  • Operation on the map:
    • Size – you can change width & height.
    • Type – choose one of road, satellite, terrain, and hybrid.
    • Colour scheme – default and 15 extra styles.
    • Language.
  • Pinpoints:
    • Type,
    • Colour,
    • Size,
    • Label.
  • Other:
    • Different zoom level,
    • You can add text above and below the map. Interactive Google Map:

Features used in Interactive Google Map:

  • Map:
    • Type – Road and satellite.
    • Colour scheme – 15 styles to choose from.
    • Mode – place (pro version grants you the possibility of showing directions and street view
    • Language
  • Others: Add header and footer text
    Lightbox skins, sizes, and features
    Different zoom levels
    Google Maps Widget general options:



Google Maps Widget made by WebFactory Ltd is a good choice if you manage your stores, the plugin helps a lot in creating simple ways to show your customers the way to the nearest place. By a lot of possibilities of adding texts, you can clearly present what are you offering and not making it hard to understand. As other 448 users which rate this Google Map WordPress plugin (and made the average of ranks on point 4,7 of 5 possible) we are recommending it too.


5. MapPress Easy Google Maps


MapPress Easy Google Maps based on the latest Google Maps API v3 is a map WordPress plugin which supports the graphics side on a very high level. It is adding a more fresh look at your site because of adding into map a great-looking street view. The plugin with the interactive map developed by Chris Richardson brought results in 1 500 000 downloads and more than 100 000 active installations.



  • MapPress Easy Google Maps highlight features:
  • Street view and custom post types support
  • Multiple maps are allowed to be created in single post or website
  • There has been added real-time traffic
  • Pinpoints has been created with custom text and HTML including photos, links, etc.
  • Many others.



If you are looking for the WordPress custom map plugin which will help you make your website be more functional, then you are at the right way. MapPress Easy Google Maps which is WordPress MultiSite compatible offers very good solutions to make your consumer be more positive oriented towards your business by its simpleness, great looking and many various well-build options. The other positive thing about Chris Brown production is that – if you want to try this plugin before pay for it, you can download for free the MapPress Lite, just check it out!


6. Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo

Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo is another member of premium plugins, which includes many needed features by potential customers. As the developers saying, the plugin is a powerful UI builder which allows users to clearly direct route from any location of consumers, to your local store. Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo is still updating, what proves the latest version 2.2.3 which was added more than 4 months ago. Currently, a plugin has more than 60 000 active installations coming from around 500 000 downloads.



To the highlight features of GMPI, belongs:

  • Add-ons integration – You can set your own adds in a creator to show your website’s relevant information.
  • Infinity capacity of the library – You can save a countless amount of maps, which you can edit whenever you want.
  • Import markers – You can import your own custom markers (you can save time with bulk import feature), to make your map look more interesting.
  • Customizable maps – you can make your own custom map.
  • The possibility of creating many directions routes.



This map plugin for WordPress is great for the one who is starting his own business and trying to make people remember his site by unusual graphic design, which can be built by this powerful map creator. Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo has many others features which you can figure out just by getting its 2.2 version which is most popular.


7. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin is a map plugin for WordPress which has more than 800 000 downloads and 50 000 actively installations. The production of Alexander Zagniotov is basic plugin without limits of editions or functionality, which allows diversifying your website with Google Maps on many various options. Currently, CGMP is outdated – its latest version was uploaded around 2 years ago, what shows that the plugin might be finished.



  • Intuitive and friendly UI.
  • 250 pin icons to choose from.
  • Widget enabled.
  • Easy to insert shortcodes into posts and pages.
  • Add the current location of a user to the map.
  • Fully documented options.
  • Compatible with jQuery tabs and W3 Total Cache.



This WordPress map location plugin has been created for the ones who like to move in a simple way on Google Maps which still have the most important information. Distinctive colours of maps are making this plugin more interesting on a graphics side. So if you want, you can in an easy way let your customers remember your website.


8. Google Maps Easy


Google Maps Easy has expanded in detail possibilities to create whatever custom you want. Because of Google Map and markers fully modified option, GME is 100% customizable. The plugin is still improving, the last update of it, was about 2 weeks ago what is proving that the developers are still caring about their (more than 40 000) users. Currently, Google Maps Easy is having the rate of 4.7 points on 5 possible (based on 180 opinions) and more than 460 000 downloads.



  • The most important features:
  • Layers: Heatmap, KML, Traffic, Transit, Bicycle
  • Custom map markers with the possibility of add text, images, video, email, and phone into them
  • Because of its responsiveness, compatible with any devices
  • The possibility of drawing figures and paths on the map
  • The possibility of clusterization by map markers and location groups



Very interesting WordPress custom map plugin, which allows you definitely customize Google Maps on your page in own different way, which is basically appropriate hands, can make site powerful. You just can check it out by downloading the free version which has fewer options or by buying a license for one site (for 29$). If you are decided to order its services, you can also buy a license for unlimited sites for $99, which is really reasonable.


9. Maps Builder

Maps Builder as the developer says is plugin built from the grounds, to become one of the most valued Google Maps plugins by its easiest, most intuitive and fastest functionality. Basing on the time of latest version, which was uploaded about 12 months ago, Maps builder may be finished or it can be rebuilt from the ground level. The actual data inform us about that, more than 30 000 users, from about 190 000 downloads, still have actively installed this plugin.



To the most highlighted features belongs:

  • Optimization – all scripts and styles have been optimized and packaged.
  • UI – simply and intuitive.
  • Markers – customized in a unique way by adding icons and colours.
  • Live Map Builder – Maps Builder allows to fullscreen Google Map and edit it however it is wanted.
  • Integration of Snazzy Maps – themes and designs powered by Snazzy Maps are allowed to use.



In our opinion, WordImpress production has been created not that good as development says but is still a quite nice map plugin for WordPress which gives us a lot of possibilities to increase our business authority. By its simpleness, the way of the customer to our door is easier, so also by basing on the average rating of 74 reviews (and score 4,4/5) you can try it out and tell us your own opinion about it.


10. Leaflet Maps Marker

Leaflet Maps Marker has been created with a thought about every user, that’s why it has about 46 language translations and is still is counting. LMM was created to make your life much simpler by allowing you to find whatever place you want and make a right direction to the destiny point. Leaflet Maps Marker as the development says is a plugin which values your privacy, so its 100% safe in use. It is still improving, what proves that still counting the number of downloads (about 681 000 at the time) and active installations (more than 30 000).



One of the most important features are:

  • Customizable unique markers made of over 1000 free icons.
  • The possibility of choosing a different size, zoom level and base map for each marker and layer map.
  • Different layouts(road, satellite, hybrid, terrain).
  • The possibility of showing directions for your location.



This great WordPress Google Maps plugin with the big documentary is truly worth to be used. The production of e.U. made good looking and sage plugin which gives you the possibility of keeping the newest consumers with its nice functionality. To prove how it really well works, you can be guided by the number of opinions (232) which mostly are positive and gives in result 4,7 point out of 5.


We hope our research of best Google Maps plugins will help you choose the right one, which will great perform at your website by showing the right direction of local stores, to make your business be more turnover.

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