Google Maps API alternatives

Not satisfied with Google Maps API? We fully understand that’s why we have prepared a special comparison for you below. Check this out and let us know what do you think about it!

About Google Maps

Google Maps which has been written in C++, JavaScript, XML, and XML, was launched on February 8, 2005. Developed by Google, it has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest web mapping service, which is giving you many very useful features. Currently, it is offering 360° panoramic view of the streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (GoAdminmogle Traffic), street maps, public transportation, route planning (for travelling by car and foot), satellite imagery and many others great, well-built functions.

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Google company always had very affordable prices for its services. It was one of the most important reasons (except nice graphic design and really good functionality), why people were using one of the best online maps – Google Maps. But in last few days, the politics of Google has been changed and the company has modified its offer – what caused, that some of the people have started to look for some other Google Maps competitors. If you would like to know more about the changes, just read our article about it, here.


Because some of the changes might not be too comfortable, and there is a lot of maps other than Google, this is why, especially for you, we made a comparison of the biggest alternatives to Google Maps.

Google Maps vs MapBox

MapBox is a company which is offering an open-source mapping platform. Its product has been created especially for custom designed maps. As an alternative to Google Maps, it is one of the most popular live location platforms. Already, it is providing its services, for more than 1,2 million live locations developers, to which belongs such big customers like a CNN, IBM, Mastercard, Mapquest, SnapChat, National Geographic and many others. Mapbox, currently by its offer, can be for sure one of the biggest Google Maps competitors – check out why at the further part of the article.



Mapbox as a replacement for Google Maps looks really great. It has many various options which, allows you to create a custom map and design it however we want. But if you don’t want to bother with it, you can also choose a layer from the collection, which offers MapBox. There are many kinds of a different view of maps, so you don’t have to limit yourself to the only one. Just by looking at the preview, on which is a layer called “Whaam!”, you can guess, why this MapBox belongs to the greatest alternative maps of Google Map.



Except for the appearance part of the reason which is one of the reasons that the MapBox has more than 1.2 million live location developers, belongs features. Currently, this very developed open source mapping platform is providing a lot of interesting options, which are making that, we are on the really basic level, will find out the way to our destination point.

To the most highlight features belongs:

  • Mobile-friendly environment – to which, you can add many extensions and custom maps or embed turn-by-turn directions and search location.
  • Navigation – which is offering real-time routing and asset tracking.
  • Augmented reality – you can add many fictional attractions, by which you can mark the interesting points for you or just add global object persistence for multi-user.
  • Data visualization – by which, you can show the most important information in a really quick time.



MapBox as a provider of maps other than Google has been created in 2 packs, which gives very related options with some differences.

MapBox packs:

  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Commercial:

The difference between the packs:

  • The first one (Pay-As-You-Go) is non-commercial, while the second one is commercial.
  • The commercial pack isn’t free anymore – it costs 449$.
  • A commercial pack is offering private or paid apps (up to 250 seats), asset tracking (up to 1 000 seats) and Turn-by-turn navigation apps (up to 50 seats).



In our opinion, MapBox for sure can be a Google Map competitor. By its many functional features and quite good ideas related with the question “how can we make it more interesting”, for sure we can tell that MapBox as a Google Maps alternative it is not worse than his bigger brother.

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Google Maps vs Azure Maps

Azure Maps is another alternative which is similar to Google Maps. The product of Microsoft is a service, which was specially created for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services. This cloud computing service is providing many solutions like Google Maps – by choosing Azure Maps, you can find functions to which belongs Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and supports of tools, frameworks and programming languages.



Azure Maps is a really great looking alternative to Google Maps which has such a nice fresh view of maps other than Google. A map is containing many markers of the most important places like a school, street names, and numbers of the biggest routes. They have been that created to not affect on the bad perception of the map.



To one of the most important features belongs:

  • Geocoding – which is coordinated into the street address by latitude and longitude.
  • Routing – gives the possibility of navigating the shortest routes, to get faster to a destination point.
  • Maps – dynamically and clearly maps won’t let you get lost.
  • Traffic – you can avoid traffics, by many various alternative routes.
  • Search – you can search for the destination point with information which is interesting for you. You can also create some markers on the map and add to it some news or other information which are important for you – so you will easily find out how to get in future, to this places.
  • Time zones – you can see what time is anywhere in the world just by selecting the location.



Azure Maps is offering free standard, which includes some services.


The price of using Azure Maps services similar to Google Maps, the cost is 0$. Of course, if you are not going to use whole transactions. The free quantity of transactions per months, for maps and traffic tiles, is 250 000, and for the other map, services are 25 000.

If you are going to exceed the limit on them, you will have to pay some amount of money, depending on which service you want to use:

  • For all APIs besides IP to Location Service – it cost 0.50$ per 1000 transactions.
  • For IP to Location Service – it cost 0.25$ per 1000 transactions.

Important note about transactions:

  •  For Maps and Traffic Tile requests, one transaction is created using increments of 15 tiles.
  • For Search Service, Route Service, Time Zone Service, Aerial Imagery, Hybrid Aerial Imagery, IP to Location, non-Map Tile Render Service and non-Traffic Tile Service requests, each API call counts as a transaction.



Azure maps is a good functioning service, which is very similar to Google Maps. The similarity between them is coming from that, the Azure Maps is too offering many well-developed functions, which provides services with credit like a SaaS or PaaS for its own use – but there is also too, differences like maps other than Google. In our opinion, Azure Maps is a good cloud computing service and because of the changes in the policy of Google, it may have a lot of chances to become a great replacement for Google Maps. If you want to try out the Google Maps competitor, you have a lot of time to do this, because Microsoft is offering a free trial of Azure Maps for 12 months.

Google Maps vs TomTom

TomTom is a company which is offering navigation products. That’s why its Maps as Google Maps alternative is standing out (in a positive way) as the product related on a high level with navigations. TomTom Maps are specially created, to make drivers life simpler just by adding a lot of multiple functions which aren’t affected on a transparency of map.



As it’s showed in the preview, TomTom maps despite multiple markers or traffics jams marked on the maps, is having good transparency. Also, map details are causing that, there is no possible way to lose itself in any location.



Important features of TomTom’s product:

  • Map – drive with still improving the map, which updates are validated by 21 million users around the globe.
  • Search – you can easily search for results, in your own language.
  • Points of interest – you can always know what’s around you, because of more than 11 million points of interest across North America



The free version of TomTom Maps APIs, allow you to make 2 500 transactions per day.
Online Maps and Online Traffic tiles, for which a transaction equals 15 requests.


If this isn’t enough volume of transactions for you then, TomTom is offering special packs:

  • For the public usage:
  • For the private usage:
  • tomtom-private-usage-pricing


In our opinion, TomTom maps as an alternative to Google Maps is making a good job. But TomTom has created it especially with a thought about their navigation products. So as you may guess, it is a better choice for the drivers, than simple users. It is caused because of that, they are specially made in that way, to show the most important information about the routes. Google Map has a more developed system, which allows integrating every user – for example, it is having the possibility of checking the route for the car and by foot. For the one who is choosing to move around the city, a product of TomTom can be a better map than Google.

Google Maps vs Here

Here is offering a product which might be an interesting alternative to Google Maps, just by its mapping and location data services for the companies and individuals. Here APIs are based on fast and flexible access to locations of the maps. It is also providing mobile navigations solutions and supports location data processing.



The default layer of a Google Map competitor is offering a view of the map, which contains the most needed information. It proves that the best view of the map is that, which is not having flooded data. Also, this Google Map replacement contains the routes marked on a different colour, which depends on the level of importance of the road.



Here the company has a lot of features which are very useful. To the most interesting features, belongs:

  • Weather – which gives insights into real-time weather information.
  • Toll cost extension – which shows estimated toll costs and road conditions.
  • Smart routing – which is giving information about the traffics and roads incidents. Below you can notice other features.


There are still more features, which are really important, so if you want to check them out just click here.


There is the possibility of choosing 2 packs of Here Maps.

For the public usage:

For business usage:



Comparing Google Maps to its alternative map developed by Here, we can see that, Here is offering a very nice and friendly solution for every single user, which needs a map on a simple level. Here maps, are well-built, what proves the number of details which are contained on the map and the amount of offered functions. Every single route, we are able to see without any problem, and in a blink of the eye based on them, we can easily find out, how to get into the place, which is interesting for you. In our opinion, maps developed by Here have a really good potential, to even be a better than Google Maps.

Google Maps vs Maptiler

Maptiler is a company which is offering a possibility of creating self-host maps for your websites. It is offering products like a cloud of world maps (which might be a great Google Map competitor) & hosting, the possibility of generating map tiles and automating workflows. Worth to mention is that Maptiler by its platform is offering fast data processing, web and mobile display and many more features.



The view of this Google map alternative isn’t very specific at the first look. It is very transparent and simple. If you are going to zoom in, in the city or way you are interested in, it will give you as much information, as you need.



To the most highlit features belongs:

  • Customizable maps.
  • Raster tiles.
  • Vector tiles.
  • Map services.
  • Geographical data of the whole world:



An alternative for Google Maps – Maptiler, is offering 3 packs of usage:

  • Free
    Which as its name says, is for 0$, but is for non-commercial usage and its offers only up to 100 000 request per month.
  • Flex
    Which allows to commercial use and is letting you make up to 500 000 requests per month, for only 20.00$.
  • Unlimited
    Which is for 245.00$ and allow you to use it in a commercial way up to 5 000 000 requests.

Note: 1 request equal loading increments of 15 tiles.



In a comparison of Google Maps and Maptiler, we have to say that, Google Maps is containing more information and functions which are useful and Maptiler doesn’t have them. But if you are looking for a basic Google Map competitor, then Maptiler maps can be a really good product, which you can use in many different ways.

Google Maps vs OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is an open data project which companies may use totally for free in a commercial way. The only one requirement is that they have to comply with the OpenStreetMap license. Because of using this Google Map competitor, you don’t have to worry about paying fees, so you can create a free editable map of the world without any problem.



The appearance of OpenStreetMap is looking quite nice, because of its nice design and politics of the development, which allows visitors of its product, to add multiple markers and notes to the map.



There are a lot of features, which OpenStreetMap provides:

  • Mapping the different facilities by visitors of this Google map alternative
  • Tagging the different form of transportation
  • Identifying individual buildings or group of connected buildings

More about the features, you can read here.



As we said earlier, OpenStreetMap is totally for 0$, but you can still donate it. The only one requirement is that you have to comply with the license of this free alternative for Google Map.



OpenStreetMap might be free one of the best mapping program online. It has a lot of details which can be very useful if you are looking for some interesting place, which is recommended by another people. At the moment, this Google maps competitor can belong to one of the best online maps better than Google, because of the free license and many different possibilities of usage.

Google Maps vs Waze

Waze is a free multilingual GPS navigation software, which has been created especially for mobile devices. It provides GPS support and turn-by-turn navigation information and many other features (like maps other than Google), which you can check on your own just by downloading the app on a smartphone.



This alternative to Google Maps has a very good looking interface and the details of a map are really on a high level. Even users of Waze are playing an important role – it is caused by that, to the map you can add some markers with different images, which are responsible for various information functions by which you can tell to the other users of Waze, for example, that, the way is closed.



Features for users:

  • You can add markers, which can sign for example that, the road is closed or there is a traffic jam.
  • You can be alerted before you are going to meet on your road a police or accidents.
  • You can add your friends to the app and see where they are on the map.
  • You can navigate to the cheapest gas stations, because of community-shared gas prices.

Features for your business:

  • You can track in real-time how many potential customers engaged your ads.
  • You can reach new customers, which are nearby the location of your business, just by adding great looking branded pins.
  • Your locations will be promoted to the top of the search list.
  • Your business will be shown as a billboard when the drivers will take zero-speed takeover.

If you want to check out one of the functions like Waze directions online, just click here.



Waze Can be downloaded for free, but if you need it for presenting other users, your business then you have to buy some of 2 packs.

There are 2 possible packs of Waze product for your business:

Starter – for 2$ per day


Plus – for 100$ per day



In our opinion, Waze is really great Google Maps competitor on a mobile platform. Just by looking at its features, you can understand how great this application is. The development has done a nice job and has created many well-built functions, which for example, allows you to mark your business on the map (when you are going to do it, the other users near that place are able to see it). Waze might be the one, which by its map and its functions, can be better than Google Map.

Google Maps vs Bing Maps

Bing maps is a web mapping service, which offers a preview of the virtual globe. The project has been launched more than 20 years ago as a “Live Search Maps”.Currently name “Bing Maps”, is the fourth name. It was signed as Windows Live Maps, Windows Live Local, and MSN Virtual Earth. Bing as the maps other than Google is powered by their own Bing Maps for Enterprise framework.



Bing maps are based on the default layer which contains many various functions. It also provides interesting visualizations – for example, depending on how much the road is important, it gets a different colour.



  • 3D maps – Allows seeing the environment.
  • Directions – Show directions of the locations.
  • Traffic information – Real-time information about currently traffics.
  • Street maps – Possible of seeing street maps from the whole world
  • 3 Types of view:
    Aerial – satellite imagery.
    Road – default map view.
    Birds-eye – aerial imagery captured from low-flying aircraft.
    Streetside – 360° imagery of street-level scenes
  • Venue maps – The way of seeing from the venue level.



A Google Maps competitor is offering a license for business use, for the amount of 4 500$ per month.
The license provides some functions like:

  • Open Value
  • Open Value Subscription
  • Microsoft Product and Services Agreement
  • Select Plus
  • Enterprise Agreement

But also, Bing Maps is offering a free version for private use, which has some limits of transactions.



Bing maps as an alternative for Google Maps, can make great work for someone, who is looking for a basic map with many built-in features, which will navigate him to the destination point. One of the best functions besides Bing directions and maps is that you can see the place you are interested in, from the venue level. If you are looking for a map for private usage, Bing map is for you.

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