How to add a Store Locator or Google Maps App to Volusion

Fast How-to

Step 1
Register at Volusion website.

Step 2
Go to control panel of your website.

Step 3
Select the “Dashboard” tab from the menu.

Step 4
Click on the “Select template” button.

Step 5
From “Advanced editing” category, select the one called “Edit HTML”.

Step 6
Generate store locator script from our SaaS.

Step 7
Paste the code under the <head> or <body> section.

Step 8
Save the file.

Step 9
Check the preview.

Step 10
If it works, enjoy your own Volusion store locator, in other way check the previous steps

About Volusion

Volusion is an e-commerce platform which offers web design and other tools related to marketing and business managing. Volusion has been founded in 1999 by Kevin Sproles and improved into an all-in-one company, which currently, is running services for more than 180 000 entrepreneurs around the globe. This e-commerce website builder, allows you to create your own website, because of its web hosting service, which belongs to the perfectly managed offer. You don’t have to worry about your webpage with included store locator – Volusion after many years of improving is a really reliable choice.


If you want to try out Volusion website builder platform, without paying for it, you can use the trial version. It works for free up to 14 days so you will have a lot of time to find out how it works. The only thing it requires is registering (no credit card required). More information on how to properly install a Volusion store, you will find in our tutorial.

How to install Volusion store locator

The first thing you will have to do before installation is registering at our website (for free). It is required to get store locator script from our Software as a Service. When you are going to make it, you will be able to easily get this free store locator script and install it on a website. Just look at our preview, in which we showed you how really simple is, to get the code from our website.


When you are done with registration at Volusion platform and generation the store locator script, login to your account at Volusion and select the “Dashboard” tab from the menu.


The next thing you will have to do is, clicking on the “Select template” button.


When you are going to make it, you have to select the “Advanced Editing” category and then the option called “Edit HTML”.


After clicking on it, it will move you to another website, where you will be able to edit the source code of the whole site. Now, you will have to find the “body” container and then paste to it, the store locator script, which you have generated on the very beginning. When you are done with it, remember to save the file – without it, your site locator map won’t work!


As you can see, it is very easy to create your own Volusion store locator, even without our help you would do it easily (of course why you would do it if you can choose even easier way with us). The rule is always the same – find the source code and paste in our free store locator script in the header, footer or whatever you want.


Summarising, Volusion is really very intuitive and user-friendly e-commerce platform. It doesn’t require any special knowledge which you will have to use, to add any apps like store finder map view. Now with this tutorial, you can make your Volusion store much more competitive. If you liked the article or you have some special questions then leave us some feedback with your thoughts, we will be happy to answer it.

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