[How To Fix] Action needed: YourDomain.com Requires a Google Maps Platform Account

If you still don’t know about new Google Maps billing policy we really advise you to read the article below.

Did you also receive this email from the Google team?



We are following up on our June 4th email, to remind you that the domain [domain name] is accessing Google Maps Platform without an account. The use of Google Maps Platform APIs requires an account with a billing profile and a valid API key.

We have started to interrupt service to requests which are not properly authenticated. Your domain may or may not have been impacted yet. Please click “Get Started Now” below to set up your account and generate an API key to insert into your code. We urge you to do so as soon as possible to avoid service interruption.

Thank you for using Google Maps Platform.”

Do you think it may be a mistake? No, it is confirmed already that Google Maps stopped being a completely free tool which you can use on your website. As we can read on many Google forums when you will want to create an account on Google Maps now, you need to add a credit card to your own account, there is no way to avoid it.

Anyway the already existing users are not obligated to add a credit card to their account BUT, monthly you have only free 200$ to spend, so if you are running a small business or a company which doesn’t rely on the maps it is not a big problem but once you are running a big company with thousands of customers who want to check your location on the map you might lose a lot of money. Every feature has its own number of views limit and price when you reach the limit. You can check the cost of every single feature provided by Google Maps here, so you will avoid losing money if you don’t really want to spend it. Remember that new pricing changes will go into effect starting July 16, so there is not much time left. We found also a price list on other websites so we will share it with you below to make it easier.


source: https://venturebeat.com/2018/05/02/google-maps-platform-arrives-with-pay-as-you-go-billing-free-support-and-cloud-requirement-starting-june-11/

There are some nice reasonable alternatives, but they also charge money for the maps. Still, you might consider these tools:


With Google Maps being paid there are no more good free alternatives to use

Yes, it might be true because now every mapping platform costs some money as it was mentioned earlier. Nearplace isn’t an alternative to Google Maps as a mapping tool, but it is a great alternative to store locators built on Google Maps for which you might be charged also if you have many customers. Nearplace offers a great widget which can be displayed on every page of your website and a single on-page locator which will display all of the locations which you added before, so there is no doubt that soon, we will be as good as Google Maps and we offer our services for free. Also, we will not charge you regardless of your number of views. You can try it whenever you want, the only thing which is required with our app is a registration on our website. Then you can try the store locator for completely FREE and decide if it fits your preferences. Except, the professional map(we have our own map on which the app is built) and store locator we can also offer you really interesting add-ons which will improve your store or business place even more! Also, remember we will NEVER ask you for your credit card when you are creating an account, because everything is completely free, you can immediately start managing your places after registering and if you will have a trouble with something, our support will always help you:).

What does the community think about it?

Many people are surprised with Google Maps change, of course, the majority of them think about it negatively. There are many topics about it, across the internet already. You can get there some more information about the pricing of Google Maps, its alternatives and many more.

We will link you some of the discussions so you can have an actual data about others opinions:

  • Google forum – a forum where people help each other or express their opinions about Google products.
  • VentureBeat – really interesting article about the changes, they also published a new price list which you can check on below screenshots.
  • Envato Forum – you can read there how other people find the new changes.
  • Reddit – one of the biggest forums, where people already talk about Google Maps.

Final Thoughts

Probably not many people expected Google Maps to make a move like that. Not everyone is willing to share their credit card when they are starting to create an account and in the case of the big companies, it might be now really expensive to have a store finder supported by Google Maps. That’s why it should be worth to try our professional store locator, which will never ask you for a credit card when you register and will never charge you for anything without your approval. Maybe Nearplace is relatively new store locator map, but already it is a professional service which you will love in a blink of an eye.

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