How To Install a Store Locator or Google Maps on a Website

Fast How-to

Step 1
Go to your website files.

Step 2
Find the page which interests you.

Step 3
Generate a special JavaScript code from the Nearplace SaaS.

Step 4
Paste the code above the </head> or </body>.

Step 5
Save your changes.

Step 6
Check if everything work.

Step 7
Installation is done.

We have prepared a special tutorial which will learn you how to install a store locator app or Google Maps to your own website. We mean the website which wasn’t really created in WordPress or Shopify, but the website which was written in HTML and other programming languages from nothing. Some of the people might know how to do it because they had written a website on their own but the aim of the guide is to show it to non-coders who don’t really know how everything works in their code. Even I’m not the best coder, and I could have easily implemented a script to my website because it is so simple.

How to implement a store locator script.

It is really simple, just choose the file with the page you want to use as your store locator, and paste the JavaScript code which you can generate on our special SaaS.


Nearplace is completely free store finder and the only required thing is to register on our website! The best place to paste your code should be the end of <body> or <head> section, but if you prefer to add it to other places, we will not stop you.

How does the store locator work on a website?

We haven’t created a special website with a raw code for this tutorial, because there is no need. With the great demo our website offer, we can show you everything on it!


The best thing about the Nearplace implementation is that, once you install the app, you don’t have to set anything on your website. Whatever it is, an iPhone, computer or iPad the store locator is fully responsive.


If you want to have your own map clusters, because you have multiple locations, in one city, you can also have them on your own website and everything is included in the script code which you add to your website code.


With the Nearplace code, you can also decide if you want to show the customer a special widget with store listings on every page of your website, or if you prefer on-page locator which also has a widget with store listings but, you can display him only on one page.


You should also remember that our store locator is a Software as a Service(SaaS) so every change you make in our special interface doesn’t affect your script code.


It is the perfect solution if you want to change immediately any information e.g tomorrow is a day off and your store is closed and you would like to inform a customer about it. You can do within an hour with the Neraplace store finder.


Summarising adding a script to the current code of your website is a piece of cake, and especially with our application, you don’t have to do anything about the code once you paste it in the right place. To modify anything you just use our beautiful interface. Remember that the store locator is one of the most important marketing components when you want to get more and more new customers. If you still have some trouble with our store locator interface or with installing a store locator on a website, please, leave us a comment and we will help for sure! Also, every feedback about the article will be really useful and may help us to improve.

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