The Best Mapping Platforms to Avoid Toll Roads

Everyone at least once in a life had to pay the toll for a road or for a highway to while driving. Mostly it happens on the speed and good quality roads which are mostly renewed for the money which they earn from the tolls. Once you have to use the toll road many times it gets annoying, that’s why we have created a comparison of the best mapping services which will help you to avoid the tolls. Feel free to read about them and decide which platforms are the best in your opinion to skip all the payments during the trip!

1. Google Maps

As the most popular mapping service Google Maps provides the best quality of maps which are used by the millions of users from the entire world every day. Google Maps also allows you to avoid tolls, highways, and ferries whenever you want.


To avoid tools on Google Maps at first you should mark the start and destination point on the map. Thanks to it Google at first will generate a direction from location to location and then you will have a possibility to choose some exceptions.


As you can notice Google already displays a warning for you that the route may include the tolls. If you would like to have more detailed information about the ferries, highways, and tolls then you need to choose the “options” above the available routes prepared by Google Maps.


Thanks to the options you can avoid tolls, highways, and ferries, all at once or just only one of them – the choice is yours. Except the avoid feature you have also a possibility to change to distance units if you prefer miles or kilometers more.



Google Maps is a great opportunity for both: computer and mobile devices users to plan the route without tools, ferries or highways. Of course thanks to avoiding the tolls the route might be a little longer but if you want to save some money it is a really good choice, especially for users who haven’t been really acknowledged with mapping tools before.

2. Here WeGO

Another great mapping tool which will help you to get to the specific point on the map. If you would like to know about HereWego directions you can find it out in our other comparison of best driving directions applications.

Here WeGO provides even more data than Google Maps, you can avoid more things such as tunnels, unpaved roads, auto trains, and HOV lanes. Except for the new possibilities there also the same ones as in Google so, the toll roads, highways, and ferries.


Sadly compared to the Google Maps Here WeGo does not refresh automatically after you click to avoid something. You need to disable e.g tolls and then save the changes. Thanks to it the map will update itself and you will notice new roads with the exceptions made before.


As you see the route can change drastically and increase its driving time because of avoiding the tolls and highways. Here WeGo greatly shows how the map should be done and how to help the user to use the roads which are more comfortable for him.


Here WeGo is a superior tool to avoid every kind of road obstacles. Even Google does not provide that many possibilities skip for example the tunnels. If you are looking for an extended tool with extended avoiding features without a hesitation we can recommend you Here!

3. MapQuest

MapQuest except for its amazing mapping features also has one of the best driving directions I’ve ever seen. It is easy to read, accurate and has a lot of features which are specially prepared for the drivers. You can easily notice that the MapQuest developers have put the most effort in their routes planning.

Thanks to it now you can avoid many things even more various than Here WeGo ones. With the MapQuest app you have the possibility to skip:

  • Toll roads
  • Highways
  • Ferries
  • Seasonal Roads
  • Timed Restrictions
  • Country Borders


Maybe you will not save much time with those, but for sure you will save some money. The most inteesting and unique one is a possibility to avoid country borders especially if you are going for a long journey and don’t really want to cross the specific borders. You can also switch the distance to the most possible short time regardless of the traffics.



MapQuest looks really competitive to Google Maps especially when it comes to the routes. It is much more detailed and provides much more options to avoid e.g tolls or highways. If you are already looking for a little bit more professional mapping platform with the route planner which allow you to skip tolls, ferries and other things MapQuest seems to be a really solid choice.

4. Waze

Another product of Google but, without a doubt, we can say that this one looks more user-friendly especially because of its cartoon look. The online maps don’t provide many options related to the tolls and highways(at least live map), but the mobile version already offers an option to skip the tolls and then choose the way which you like the most. As with the other maps remember that if you skip highways and toll roads for which you need to pay, you save a lot of money, but also the trip is much longer.


On the online map on the computer though you can notice little tips from the Waze which inform you if the way is a toll or maybe it has another important thing of the route which every driver should know. About its driving directions in details, you can read in our other comparison of the best apps for routes.



I really like Waze for its look which is really unique and eye-catching. Even if it looks good it will not disturb the driver during the trip because of its clear UI. Amazing solution for every driver and really competitive choice to the previous mapping platform. We advise you to check everything on your own first and then decide instead of choosing Google Maps because its the most popular.

5. Apple Maps

Apple Maps was developed for the iOS users. It is really similar to Google Maps with some exceptions, but we will not type about them today. We will type about the possibilities to avoid toll roads and highways with Apple Maps. They don’t offer many skip options but provide the most important ones.

During the driving directions, you have a possibility to avoid tolls and highways with one or two taps. In my opinion, the strongest advantage of the Apple Maps is its simpleness. It should be a default mapping platform of every Apple user since it works great with iOS.


Apple Maps is a good platform to avoid the toll roads and highways, but sadly it does not offer really extended options in this case. The other mapping platforms like HERE or MapQuest offer much more when it comes to the routes. If you are looking for a good app to avoid the payments during the trip Apple is good, but if you would like to skip more things on the road like tunnels or specific kinds of roads, you should look for the other app.

Final Thoughts

As it was mentioned many times toll avoid feature is great and helps us to save the money but not really the time. Highways and toll roads or ferries mostly are built to make the route much faster than the one without them. Also thanks to the money from tolls the roads can be renovated and always have the highest possible standard.

Of course, we totally understand the other side too. Who would like to pay a lot of money?(especially if you drive this road every day/week). That’s why our comparison should let you decide which mapping platform is the best for it. Overall every map from the listed ones is great and only details decide between them. Pick the map which you like the most and start avoiding tolls today!

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