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About map views api

MapCalculator is an exceptional service which was developed to help the people to decide what mapping platform API would be the best for them. It is a significant problem since the Google has changed its billing policy and everyone has started to look for some alternatives. Our platform focuses on calculating the average price of the dynamic map displayed on your website. The special bar above allows you to choose how many people visit your website and dependant on that number our professional calculator will give you an estimated cost of the specific mapping service for a particular amount of the requests. Thanks to it you can see which of the API map services will be the most profitable for you and your website. Don’t wait more and try our calculator, it costs nothing and gives fast and trustworthy results.

Meaning of the request for every API mapping service.
Requests are dependent on the map style which you are currently using:
1) Mapbox Studio Styles - One request is equal to four tiles on the map
2) Mapbox Studio Classic or Mapbox Editor Classic - One request equal to 15 tiles on the map.

Also, remember that one static API request also counts as one map request.


In TomTom, if you display an online map or use online traffic the request will be equal to 15 tiles on the map. If you would like to allow your users to batch geocoding or batch routing then the number of transactions equals the number of individual geocoding and routing requests.

Google Maps

Google Maps is pretty simple if it comes to requests. One request is equal to one load of the map on your website by a user. Then he can move on the map whenever he wants and the additional requests will not be taken from you.

Azure Maps

In Azure, if you display an online map or use online traffic the request will be equal to 15 tiles on the map.


As with the majority of other mapping APIs Here’s request is equal to 15 tiles. It is counted for the map, satellite and traffic tiles. If you would like to use batch geocoding or multi-reverse geocoding then you need to be aware these functionalities are equal to one request.

Map Tiles

Once you decide to use Map Tiles on your website you need to be aware that every map tile is equal to one request. As the developers of API say a single map view generates 4 requests if vector tiles are used. If it comes to the static map it always counts as 16 requests regardless of its size or type.