NearPlace offers the most unique and useful features which you might find in the store locator app. Thanks to them the potential customer will not only find the way to your shop but also they might boost your sales. Why? Because except the locator we also offer a great design which allows you to e.g show your logo and change the colour of the app to fit your website styles better. Below you can read about the main features of NearPlace and see how much effort we put into this project.
Nearplace store locator isn’t only limited to one type. We put much effort to provide you different styles of our locator to fit your website as best as possible. Thanks to this feature you can easily display a list of your stores with the standard widget which works together with a map situated on one of the subpages or you can use only a floating widget on every subpage so the customer can check your store whenever he wants. Remember that NearPlace store locator app works perfectly with every device and operating systems, so responsiveness is one of our strongest advantages. Whatever device you choose you will never lose a good quality design which is friendly to a customer’s eye.

One of the most important features which allow you to list all of your stores on a particular widget situated on the map or separately on every subpage you want. Thanks to it the user can see the name, address and opening hours of each of your stores. Also, with one button he can get a drive route to your place or to call you if you assigned your number to the phone button before. A comfortable feature especially for customers who don’t like much effort and nowadays almost no one wants to put effort into searching a store so for sure it will be worth for your business.

Place profile

When you click on one of the stores on the listing, you will see extended information about this place such as news, events, logo, and much more detailed information useful when you check the shop. Also with the NearPlace as a business owner you can list in your place profile products and services available for your customers in the specific store. Thanks to the NearPlace store locator place profile a customer doesn’t even need to check your website because with this feature he has enough information to decide if he wants to buy in your store or not.


NearPlace except for its free version also offers many add-ons which can extend functionalities of our app. Thanks to them it will be much easier for you to interest a potential customer with much more detailed information and even better features which will help to improve your store locator vastly. You can get them for a really reasonable price with a monthly subscription payment method. You may use one add-on for free, so there is a possibility to check them all and then decide which ones would fit you at most. We can promise that you will not be disappointed with the new functionalities.

Loved by big enterprise
and small business
Seems like you guys have just launched and the product is looking good already! I’ve got my own webapp projects, and I know how hard it is to get things off the ground.
Dale Tan
small business
I would like to thank you for the amazing app, it looks really nice and is simple to use
Madis Mark
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