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API maps style comparison - Introduction

We suppose that before using any API mapping service everyone would like to see it. That’s why except the map calculator we also provide a special style compare tool which will allow you to see every map platform in a few different zones. Below you can check the world, continent, voivodeship, city, district and street view for two different mapping services. Thanks to that you can easily compare two mapping platforms and decide which fits you and your website more. Don’t hesitate and try it, you will notice how easier the choice to make is now.

Visual comparison
Choose providers:
World view
Continent view
Country view
Voivodeship view
City view
District view
Street view
Final Thoughts

Google Maps ahead

All the styles of mapping platforms are similar to each other. Only details like labels, displayed information and colours can notice the difference because the template is the same. In our opinion, a unique one is Google Maps where you can display the map on a virtual globe. It looks pretty nice and more realistic than the flat map. Of course, Google allows you also to choose the flat option if you are not satisfied with the Globe. Also, no other platform offers as good Streetview as the one provided by Google Maps.

The clearness

If it comes to the clarity of data and labels our favourite is the MapBox which is really easy to read opposite to TomTom map which data on the map doesn’t look that clear. But when we type about the best style for the driving directions it will be TomTom so as you see every mapping platform has its disadvantages and advantages about you should think when you are choosing the map.

The choice is yours

Also, all the styles you see there are the most basic ones. Majority of the mapping platforms offer various ways to customize your map to make it look better, but as you now many people don’t want to be bothered with that. People wish to get a completed product already which they will not have to customize and the basic maps provide it. It just depends if you are okay with it or if you want to improve the style to make it more unique.

Worth to mention

Don’t forget about the Azure Maps developed by another giant - Microsoft. They have created a great design which is clear to read but we feel like they lack some labels especially when you zoom in the map. If you are not interested in detailed information about the places it might be a good choice for you too. Here is an opposite to the Azure Maps you can find there a lot of useful labels especially if you want to check the smaller places but when it comes to the design it is good but not always clear to read.

All the platforms are great and we advise you to deeply check each of them. If you haven’t checked the pricing of them yet, visit our special calculator which will give you an estimated cost of the map which you want to choose for the specific number of visits.