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Welcome to the FAQ page! Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Both regarding Databases and personal account, or navigating the website. Feel free to discover our possibilities!

How to download a free simple database?

After login in, choosing an Industry and location you will see a site like this one.

Then you need to click on the Price overlap. 

In the end, you should only press the button. It is in the middle.

Then you will see pop up with an option to go to the cart and then just click “Get databases for free”.

That’s it!
Now you can download and enjoy your new database.

How big databases are?

The size of our databases depends on filters that users apply. Users have a few filters to create a personalized database.

1. Firs two filters are on the main page:
2. A few next are in Price section on database site:

At the moment the main database of all companies and industries consists of 106 208 834 companies from 5 204 industries and 194 countries.

How to buy a full database?

It is as simple as ordering a free sample list.

1. Firstly you need to log in by clicking  on the main page.
2. Choose an interesting location and Industry.
3. On the database site click overlap Price:
4. Next, you can choose a type of records and add to cart:
5. In a cart click the button. Then you will be redirected to the 2checkout site where you need to fill in all calls for billing and pay.

How to set up an account?

To order any database you need to set up an account. If you don’t know how to do that just keep reading.

1. Click on  icon on the main page in the top-right corner.
2. And then the red button like that:
3. Next, you have 2 option to set up:
  1. Fill up all 4 cells:
    1. Full Name – Your first and Last name
    2. Email address
    3. Password
    4. Password again
  2. Or sing up with social like
    1. Google
    2. Facebook
  3. At the end again push a red button

And that’s it! Now you join our family and can order databases.

What are the sources of your data?

We have our original solution that gathers data from many various sources. Then we use this data to create unique, original databases that contain only verified and up-to-date information.

What makes us different from others?

Most of our competition gathers data from national registers, LinkedIn, and similar sources. A database created in such a way is of poor quality and strongly limited. If we could go back 90 years, then maybe these databases would make any sense, but not today

More information you will find here:
Datantify / More / Why

Why it’s worth to order a database from Datantify?

We have the biggest B2B databases in the world. We are aware that when it comes to such a huge amount of data, the key point is its proper preparation and presentation. We know that no one wants to scroll through millions of records and badly grouped data.

The process of registration in our system is so simple that anyone can join.

After purchase, you will get your data in a clear and sorted form, in a file format that can be opened with any office suite available. And if any problem occurs, you can always contact our support – we are happy to help and provide feedback.

Our competitors

Most of our competitors have a messy registration system, they don’t give the opportunity to download samples and are rather closed in terms of contact and help. Some of them also don’t have sorting/filter systems that allow the user to personalize their choice by city, location, contact information and more.

What is a one-time payment?

One-time payment means that here is not a subscription or hidden costs. The user browses all available databases and pays only for the records that really need.

In opposite to competitors

Most of the competitors have long term agreements/subscription plans with a lot of restrictions and various pricing thresholds, which make it challenging to choose the right solution.

How to use the database?

The databases can be used in many different ways everything depends on the user. Many of our customers use business/contact database to promote and online marketing. The others use it to extend the contact zone and make new business contributors.

There are as many ideas as users and their needs.

Are databases GDPR friendly?

Data Encryption

  • We systematically use HTTPS on our page.
  • We have a strict and systematic HSTS policy with preload for all our subdomains. This ensures most clients (in particular browsers) will systematically connect using encrypted methods.
  • Backups are either encrypted themselves or on encrypted disks.

Physical Security

  • Datacenters are supervised round the clock.
  • Any data stored outside of a data center for off-site backups are stored on encrypted drives using state-of-the-art technologies.


  • A Web Application Firewall is set up to filter incoming requests trying to compromise the service.
  • A firewall is systematically used on our website servers to prevent access from non-approved IP addresses.

How to get billing / invoice?

Where the user ordered database will be redirected to the 2checkout payment service. User complete billing address and telephone number must be provided to process payments. After that invoice will be sent to the user’s mailbox automatically. In any invoice correction need, a user should contact with a contact section for clients by their gateway.

How often the database is updated?

We know how important is up-to-date data, especially in terms of databases of companies. That’s why we paid extra attention to the heart of our system so that our data is updated every day, on a regular basis.

What about competitors?

Others run on cyclic data updates, which are already outdated in the moment of the update because they are coming from sources like LinkedIn and company registers, where their quality is very low. Some of the companies don’t replace the old, useless data, and just add more data to the existing databases, and that’s why their numbers may look impressive, but in the end, their potential is weaker.

High-quality databases are an important element of our everyday work. For a long time, we tried different providers and searched for the golden mean. Finally, after some months of trying, checking out, comparing we found Datantify, which came out to be the greatest solution for our business.
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