Datantify Scholarship

As Datantify crew we decided to create a scholarship to help the evolution and implementation of a new generation of entrepreneurs, marketers and programmers.

Datantify arose yo help entrepreneurs to get new contacts and thus the extension of business and sales ranges. To make it possible it is companies needed, and we want to contribute to their creation! That’s why we created Datantify Scholarship, which each year will help one student not worry about tuition thanks 1500USD grant.

Who can apply for the scholarship?

We do not limit anyone so to the scholarship can apply every student from around the Globe!

Okay, okay, but it can not just be nice, the rules are also needed!

The decisive issue of choice here will be creativity! A jury in the composition of two members from Datantify board including Founder/CEO and two independent Marketing experts will review and approval work, and choose a winner.

For a scholarship can apply both last-year veterans and first-year students. Scholarship in amount 1500 USD will be given one student and transferred to their bank account to get tuition.

To start a scholarship, the student is obliged to submit one work in any form about international sales. Exemplary work is an essay, an overview of an existing industry, a promotional film, a startup pitch deck, or a marketing plan, and for a brave business strategy, etc.

From our site, we certify that work remains the student’s property, and Jury will consider work only to view and award a scholarship and will not use it for other purposes.

The student fully reserves the right to transfer work to other bodies and publish anytime, anywhere. If you have any questions, please contact and we will respond within 48 hours.

How to submit an application?


Deadline to submit:

Announcement of results:

Amount of Scholarship:


Scholarship partners


The words of appreciation and gratitude belong to the partners who enable us to hand over the scholarship and promote it in the world.

All students of universities and higher education institutions are eligible for scholarships as long as their institution is a partner in the campaign.

How to be a partner?

Nothing easier! It is enough to promote the campaign among current and future students via the website or other places.


Please send all partner inquiries to We will respond within 48 hours.

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