Database of 11 983 218 Companies in India ...

Directory of 1 193 273 Email Addresses & 8 183 745 Phone Numbers ...

Database of 11 983 218 Companies in India
Directory of 1 193 273 Email Addresses & 8 183 745 Phone Numbers
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11 983 218
  • Email addresses
    1 193 273
  • Phone numbers
    8 183 745
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    2 676 506
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Selected Companies:


1. Shivam Gift Collection
Asia, India, आगरा
1 phone
2. Library நூலகம்
Asia, India, थिरकोइल
3. ஸ்ரீ அங்காள பரமேஸ்வரி அம்மன் கோவில்
Asia, India, Arumbappakkam
4. पारुल बुटीक महिलाओं और पुरूषों दर्जी
Asia, India, कानपुर
1 phone
5. H I B Wood Compressing Co.
Asia, India, Amritsar
1 phone
6. अशोक मिस्थान भंडार
Asia, India, आज़मगढ़
7. Ashish Electronics
Asia, India, आनंदपुर
1 phone
8. LIC of India, Satellite Office
Asia, India, Pathanamthitta
1 phone
Asia, India, Kudasan
1 phone
10. Queen's Home
Asia, India, पालक्काड
1 phone
11. Jai property broker
Asia, India, इन्दौर
1 phone
12. Sarda Textorium
Asia, India, Kolhapur
1 phone
13. मालवा कॉलेज ऑफ़ फार्मेसी
Asia, India, Bathinda
1 phone
14. Himalaya Fresh Mushrooms
Asia, India, Paonta Sahib
1 phone
15. TTD Kalyana Mandapam
Asia, India, देवाराकोंदा
16. चैतन्या महाराज समाधी मंदिर
Asia, India, ओतूर
17. Korukonda Rama Krishna Pan Shop
Asia, India, Raghavapuram
1 phone
18. Aman Engineering Works - Cup Filling Sealing Machines, Mumbai
Asia, India, Mumbai
1 phone
1 email
19. Ncr Gastro Liver Centre
Asia, India, गुरुग्राम
1 phone
20. Hanish Medical Agency
Asia, India, साबा बंसौर
1 phone
21. Lucky Net Service
Asia, India, चौमुहां
22. G.A Traders
Asia, India, कण्णूर
1 phone
23. Manchanda Computers Communications
Asia, India, New Delhi
1 phone
24. झारखंड ग्रमीण बैंक गिधौऱ
Asia, India, गिधौर
25. Bhagwati Medicos
Asia, India, New Delhi
1 phone
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The second highest populated country in the world. The “world’s capital” of spices, tea, jewelry, and exclusive fabrics. Indian market is one of the biggest in the world, fast-developing and growing. However, it is quite unstable even if the Indian economy is placed 7th amongst all other world economies. Official numbers say that at the end of 2018 there were nearly 2 millions of companies registered, which is only 66% of entire Indian companies number. Of course, the number of companies in India is much bigger, because the official statistics cover only Indian companies that work in India. And that’s why our database of companies in India have much more records than this number.

India estimated nominal GDP for 2019 is $2.971 trillion (7th in the world), which is a much higher number than last year. Also, every market/economy-related indicator is showing regular growth for now. Indian economy is in a pretty good state, even if the currency, Indian Rupee (IRP) is not very strong: 1 USD is worth 69.39 IRP.

Currently, there are 510.5 million people officially employed in this country. The unemployment rate is 6,1% which is pretty high compared to other countries of this size.

Speaking of economy we can’t avoid taking a look at its trends. There are six main sectors trending in India now: travel/touristic industry, education, manufacturing, retail, real estate & construction, and healthcare. There are plans for all of them and opportunities to make them better in the upcoming years.

In 2018 the biggest product trends in India were all about cooling solutions: Room AC, Refrigerators and Fans. There are also a lot of dynamically growing niches in this country the main are: jewelry production, electrical components, and parts, coffee/tea, pepper, and other spices and more. You will find all of them in our Indian companies database.

If you want to know more about the numbers, jump up to the summary section.

And these data will increase frequently for two reasons: Indian market is growing, and we update our databases as often as possible.

The number of companies in India at the beginning of the article may be a little misleading. This number indicates only the number of companies registered in India, not the companies that operate in India. And because of that our listing of companies in India is much bigger.

Email database India is another variation of our listing. With a big number of working, verified email addresses you will easily find and contact any company you want. And because of the universality of contact by email, you have much higher chances to get a positive response from your potential customer. You can either buy the email database of India or the database of the entire country with various data.

This list of companies in India with contact details also contains a huge number of phone numbers to companies. A massive amount of records with telephone numbers are just proof of what is the most popular way to contact here.

In our database of companies in India also includes a lot of companies and business website, so you have another option to get in touch with business partners and customers. Isn’t that great? You can also check their offer, news about them and more - because websites became the business cards of 21st-century firms.


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